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  1. Standalone just feels so much smoother a lot of the time, SA anyday.
  2. Ingame- Winchester 1866, best gun. In real life- Like 10 miles worth of rope, a bow, and a knife. Rope me up a giant spider web, and shoot shit, I made this plan when I was like 8 so I have ironed out all flaws.
  3. Saw a seemingly venerable guy in the stary tents, looking away. Initiation was bad, and I only had a pp2000 Drop your weapons, don't turn around, I'll shoot this is a robbery, you have 10 seconds. Ok OK, I'm dropping them. Spins around spraying m4a1, I just run to the side, and sprint in a circle around the tent shooting into it. I must have put 2 clips into the tent, and I slowly leaned in front of the door apprehensively. Dead? I hope, but god I have no idea, so I throw a mag into his head, grab his gun and shoot him for good measure. It went OK.
  4. Standalone, mod might have more, but the standalone always worked more "smoothly" for me.
  5. Helps to show where rules and ideas might specifically apply, good guide.
  6. Nice way to look at the deaths, good story too.
  7. Why not, minimum age is set to 16, so it is a pretty appropriate age group.