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  1. just kinda off putting when you finally have time to play but the queue is 20 deep. I mean if theres hadly anyone on it and its paid till june, then whats the harm in it being open really? just my thoughts.
  2. It Would be interesting top make it a 1pp server for the time being if its paid for.....
  3. Dang there goes my extra changes in costume haha. I know it makes sense to close it down. Just kinda stinks because my ping is doubled on the euro server hope i can still bash infected as easily. Id love to see an event where 3-4 small communities (10-15ppl) try to set up trade(farming, weapon collecting, medical) all spread out over the map. moderated with permadeath and no respawning back into the server if your character dies rpvp or rpve. People could sign up and have 2 hours to reach their group before the set out from the coast. If this is tickling anyones fancy id love to flesh it out. I was also thinking that there could be another group that tries to gain control of all the groups. They do this by killing other groups leaders. I feel that this could get very interesting. Might be better when vehicles are re added. Also locked to 1pp heeeheeeee
  4. just back after a long break, going to build a little community with some people I have come across. Still enjoy the RP 5 years later Might try to RP my way to finding the Hidden Garden location and see if people there want to trade
  5. Well I'm just going to leave this up to the mods, my friend presented you with what physical evidence we had. Regardless of outcome maybe think twice before you shoot someone in the back whose running away and like 100 meters ahead of you. I think my reaction says it all. Maybe try not ruleplaying next time. I dont see how following me then shooting me in the back because you're upset irl, and think you have KOS is considered roleplay. Anyway thanks for your time charlie.
  6. I wasnt having a convo I was spouting shit outta my ass but yeah sure, and no im not gonna log into TS to chat I don't have TS sorry.
  7. See I could hear you at the start, but was trying to get away because I didn't really have time for any drawn out RP(which is why we left peacefully). I didn't hear you likely because I was running in a strait line while at the edge of voip (when YOU could hardly hear ME) and you guys swerved around a bit and lost that bit a ground to be in range I guess. I don't have a powerful enough PC to play and record but my audio would have sounded something like this."Holy shit he's shooting at me, should I shoot back?" to my friend cyrus. I wouldn't lie about not being able to hear you, I have been with this server/group since 2012 and have logged hundreds of hours and I know the rules pal. Im just upset because now I have to start a whole new story for a character that was like 3 days old. Why would I have just stopped in the field if I wasn't in like total shock you shot at me anyways? I have PVP'd before.
  8. Server and location: S1, Kabanino. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 09/10/16, Around 04:10 Your in game name: terry turner Names of allies involved: Daniel Sanders Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A. Detailed description of the events: I strolled through Kabanino with my friend Daniel and I came across 3 men standing around and unconscious man. I offered assistance. I got a few rude answers and figured it was time to take off as I didn't have much time left for any serious or drawn out roleplay due to the fact I have to work early tomorrow morning. I took off into the field. I looked behind me to see them following me by around 100meters as they began to follow me. At which point I kept running and continued to be perused. Then out of nowhere I got shot. I turned around to defend myself and was gunned down in cold blood by 3 players. At no point was there any indication that if I did not comply I was going to be shot.
  9. Yo dude I'm not sure who you are but you said my mic was bugged. I went to lean over and check to see if mic was plugged in and I fuckin' leaned on the mouse and it fired my AK I'm sorry and will accept any consequences I really wanted to RP im coming back after a break. I ruined it
  10. No what I am saying padro, is that not knowing weapon sway through visualization could lead to accidental deaths because quite frankly I enjoy icing zombies and that sometimes requires shooting past your friendo's. All Im saying is that its going to be harder to do stuff like that without the crosshair. Also pumped for .58 ( )/ They can't do it player to player as an option though eh?
  11. As someone who suffers from motion sickness, the crosshair is one of the things that helps alleviate the motion sickness that I experience in games. Removing the crosshair is going to make more accidental crossfire deaths and ultimately make it unplayable for me.
  12. If push comes to shove ill volunteer my time to keep this community alive!
  13. This community has been the reason I own a PC for gaming
  14. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-NVFL-Bad-RP-RDM-Attempted-RDM?pid=1199480#pid1199480 Why the verdict is not fair: In my opinion the verdict was not fair. I feel that the man who was in fact killed was killed because the people I weas watching ran behind him just as they were about to draw and fire as seen in the evidence video. No one would have gotten hurt if they complied and let me give my speal. Accidents happen in shitty situations and I myself have been killed in the crossfire. (green mountain before i was banned) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The man who was shot had time to hide as the group were conspiring over teacmspeak to kill me. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I am looking for a reduced sentance due to the fact that not all aspects are controllable and the group that was shot at did not comply. As well I have been part of this community for longer than most and this is my first offence in over 3 years. What could you have done better?: I could have controlled the situation better, also I will never rob another soul again haha I promise I'll be on my best behavior! I don't get many opportunities to chudd out n' game.
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