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  1. Terry Turner

    Long have days days passed of camping in the woods with his father and swimming in the creek. In Terry's early life he did well in school and attained a baseball scholarship for university. He was never good enough to be a pro but was very athletic when he was younger. After graduating with a bachelor of psychology he decided to follow his fathers footsteps and become a Cattle Rancher. He had a short lived career as then price of cattle fell right after the Iraq war. A ruined marriage and affliction for cigarettes was what he got out of his family business. After "it" happened Terry found himself as a man wondering the fracture landscapes of his new career in oil sands. At the beginning people grouped together and pooled resources. Small BBQ's and such, taking turns watching the fields, cleaning clothes. A small group formed up just outside a of sinistok. Naturally, being one of sinistok most recognized citizens, Terry was put in charge of group security and was designated to help run the group. For a while things went well. The zombie hordes had been kept in the city by whatever noises that a dying landscape provides. By the first winter though food had become scarce. Everything reeked of sweat and decay. There is nothing more primal then someone trying to provide for their family. A rash of unsolvable crimes hit Terry's group of survivors. Terry felt helpless. After being almost completely overun by the infected. Terry called a group meeting. He said that there is no help coming, a common thought among the group. That night a handful of survivors packed up. One of Terry's oldest friends, a school teacher became enraged and tried to stop the group from leaving. Terry had to knock him on his ass, try to reason with him even though he was left behind in the end. All the ruckus must have brought the dad as the group took to the highway with screams at their back. Back when the group set out there were 5 people. After you loose so much you become numb. Terry keeps on knowing that he cannot simply be the last man on earth....
  2. Server 2 change

    just kinda off putting when you finally have time to play but the queue is 20 deep. I mean if theres hadly anyone on it and its paid till june, then whats the harm in it being open really? just my thoughts.
  3. Server 2 change

    It Would be interesting top make it a 1pp server for the time being if its paid for.....
  4. Server 2 change

    Dang there goes my extra changes in costume haha. I know it makes sense to close it down. Just kinda stinks because my ping is doubled on the euro server hope i can still bash infected as easily. Id love to see an event where 3-4 small communities (10-15ppl) try to set up trade(farming, weapon collecting, medical) all spread out over the map. moderated with permadeath and no respawning back into the server if your character dies rpvp or rpve. People could sign up and have 2 hours to reach their group before the set out from the coast. If this is tickling anyones fancy id love to flesh it out. I was also thinking that there could be another group that tries to gain control of all the groups. They do this by killing other groups leaders. I feel that this could get very interesting. Might be better when vehicles are re added. Also locked to 1pp heeeheeeee
  5. What Are You Up To?

    just back after a long break, going to build a little community with some people I have come across. Still enjoy the RP 5 years later Might try to RP my way to finding the Hidden Garden location and see if people there want to trade