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  1. yeah all sorted now thanks to sweetjoe, thanks
  2. FatigueGaming

    Invalid .PBO's

    Done, thanks man
  3. hi, For some reason i keep getting kicked from the S2? it's just taken me 30 mins of spamming the join to actually get on, and then 5 minutes in i get kicked?
  4. Im a noob, so could anyone explain TP? Thanks
  5. oh sorry guys only just noticed your replies, but thank you all the same and i shall remember to post in the correct place from now on !
  6. Am i being really stupid or what? but how do you change your ingame name as I keep being kicked..
  7. Hey everyone, Just popping by to say hi, and introduce myself. Im dan, im 23 years old and enjoy playing all sorts of games. I am fairly new to the dayz world, having played 180+ hours on the standalone, i thought it was about time i came and tried the mod. I look forward to playing with you guys in the future cheers