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  1. Right now, the mod is better in almost every way, having more features and being more stable than the SA. Also, about the community, the mod's one is more matured due to the advertisment of SA from steam and streamers resulting to everyone just buying the new "realistic Call of Duty". Right now SA is on a state that has almost no other features than finding food and then kill everybody to stay alive. Just a huge meaningless deathmatch. Although i hope in time as the game will grow better, the community might also decide to play the game in a different way than CoD or BF4. For sure, as a game it looks very very promising. I just hope the developers wont get bored and rich enough to leave the game in an incomplete stage (don't forget, many people love it already the way it is). So, we may only wait and see what will happen!
  2. So hello, my name is Angel and i come from Greece. My age is 22 and currently i'm a student. I enjoy gaming for 5 years now, mainly playing mmorpg's. I learned about DayZ watching some popular youtube videos and decided to try it out for myself. Recently, i also bought the Standalone. My biggest concern about both games, was the lack of player interaction which made me not enjoying the gameplay as much as i would like to. Then i decided that Role Playing fits the game better and in my opinion is the way it should be played. In all honesty, i never had the chance of Role Playing in online games before. My only RP experience is through some DnD board games. Although, i like getting into a story and act accordingly, so i believe i can provide the rest of the players a good experience in our interactions. Other than that, i'm just a guy looking to talk with people in and out of the game. So, if you would like to ask me anything else, please feel free; i will be happy to reply. Looking forward to meeting you, Angel - Seized Light