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  1. Keeping getting Randomly Kicked from server

    Yeah that last link seems to have fixed it. Cheers for that
  2. Hey everyone, So my problem is simple enough. I keep getting kicked from the server at random points. I'm just running along then bam, I'm gone. It just gives me the "You have been kicked from the server" message so if anyone could help with this or even see the reason I'm being kicked it would be much appreciated. My name is Christopher Buggy
  3. Hey guys! I'm amking a come back!

    I honestly can't remember what my old account was. That's why I made this one I'll be bringing a few friends along this time around so should be abit more eventful that last time. Seems all that happened last time was hold up after hold up and cruising around in my betty van for awhile... I miss that thing
  4. Hey all:D I'm back again for another stab at this RP! I'm sure I'll be seeing you all in their! My name in game will be Chris so I hope to see you all very soon!