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  1. this would be impossible to implement and a bitch to have pls no
  2. David picks up his radio after hearing the message, speaking clearly into the radio with a southern accent. His voice being scrambled onto the radio as a simple message. "Do you accept temporary jobs? I don't want to make myself an official take in this, but hey I need something to do. Hope you understand, name's David by the way."
  3. M. Vonel

    Bring back group private forums WITH restrictions

    -snip- my sides
  4. *Jacob with a grunt of annoyance picks up his radio, speaking into the receiver with a click of the button.* "I can understand you all wish for a haven but there is no such thing. You're all just delaying the inevitable. I'm sorry to say this, but there is no safe haven. Killers are around, and at this point it doesn't fucking matter where you go." *with a click, Jacob sets down the radio and continues to drive.*
  5. The infection of the spinning chicken ok dayz
  6. Thank you! I will try this and get back to you.
  7. The only problem is that when the server isn't full it still does this. Making it very impossible to join. It's a really hard process for those who are in different time zones.
  8. Whenever I try joining S2 server through the launcher I always get the message connecting failed, ping or not it keeps happening when the server isn't full. Please help!
  9. Hello, my name is M. Vonel. I have seen DayZRP before and it seemed quite interesting. I wanted to join into the fun as soon as I got the DayZ Mod up and running, and now I do! I hope I will have a fun time in this wonderful community.