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  1. Born on September 23, 1985 in Moscow, still under the Soviet flag of the USSR, but fortunately this state of affairs did not last long, because in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. Dmitri was only 6 years old at the time, so he did not become a promise of communist propaganda indoctrination. Despite the dissolution of the current government, Dmitri's family was not too worried, all thanks to his father, who worked as a soldier in the Russian army at the rank of major, so they were guaranteed as far as he gets a life. His period of school stay from elementary to higher followed a kind of peaceful life that was not once disturbed by the teachers who Dmitri fell into. Whenever there were any complications in his life, his Father would come to him with "Help", always dressed as if he were at the ball, like a diva on a red carpet, thus declaring his position in other society. This style of life has often caused his son a degree of disgust. Through such a course of things, Dmitri showed all dislike of people who are fooled by their superiority and think they are better than others. Finally came Dmitri's 19th birthday, after which, on the advice of his father, he enlisted in the army, not hiding his dislike. The beginnings were difficult, the first days of training were a real hell, daily runs minimum 5 km, exercises at the shooting range, assembling weapons and unfolding in time. Despite such spartan spartan conditions, Dmitri didn't have much trouble adjusting to them. Shortly after the initial training, which lasted a good 3 months, was assigned to the 19th Motorized Division, which was stationed at the FOB near the Terek River from which all operations on the Chechen territory were coordinated. The main tasks of Dmitri's team were mainly patrols and infantry support in crisis situations. Of course, as it was in the wars with partisans, it was never known when they would attack, especially since they are trying to destroy the most important facilities and strategic points. During his stay, Dmitri received many times the chance to prove himself. Already in the first days on the "front" his team encountered resistance from Chechen fighters, who made the lives of most of the Russian army on the ground difficult. Namely, they attacked supply convoys, set up mines on main roads, and even poisoned nearby water tanks. The UN also had its share in this area as humanitarian aid, of course. This was the situation in Chechnya for several years, sometimes it was calm, and once the fighting could last for weeks, and sometimes it ended in a kind of draw. Losses on both sides increased and nothing indicated that it would change too quickly. However, the day when Dmitr's life would change forever was yet to come. It was 2007 in the surrounding villages more and more often talked about the growing activity of separatists in the newly created Caucasus Emirate, it is known that they began to cause more and more trouble because of this. Attacks on supply convoys were becoming more common, the barely demineralized field of IEDs became dangerous again overnight. It was through such a device that Dmitri's team was supposed to be met by loss. At noon new directives for field teams came, and for the 19th Motorized Division reconnaissance missions were assigned, mainly checking potential habitats of Chechen separatists. In one village about 800km from FOB, according to one informer, a group was seen planting something that seemed to look like an IED. The mission was simple, go, check and if you encounter contact, repel and call for appropriate support. It seems easy, so everyone thought, but by the time the team was approaching the village, they were less than 100km from it, surrounded by many hills and rocks, when it was suddenly a boom. Suddenly, the BTR rolled over to the side with the whole crew, it took them a short while to figure out what had happened, after which the commander suddenly called for support, via radio, one was difficult because of the terrain. They didn't have time to waste, they carefully left the vehicle and checked if there were any more mines around, then dug in on the spot, waiting for support. After a few hours, there was still no living soul, there was silence everywhere, and then a shot was fired! Everyone fell and hugged their covers, then started looking for a potential sniper. Shortly after this missed shot, as if out of nowhere, the separatist began to shoot at the soldiers. Almost huddled, they waited for the end of the fire, when this one came without much delay and gave them back with a vengeance. AK, PKP, SVD fired like crazy at the enemy. The fight was fierce, the Russians kept their position, repelling the attack. Unfortunately, the longer the conflict continued, the more quickly the ammunition was running low, and the separatists continued to push. Shortly after, Dmitri's first companions began to fall from the bullets. Everyone was helplessly waiting for help from the base, but it did not look like help was coming. Others died, the wounded fell from bullets, many were already bleeding, the wounded Dmitri bled with 3 survivors. The firing ceased, and in the distance the characteristic sound of a helicopter was heard, Dmitri thought it was a rescue. He was not mistaken, it was not one but two mi-24 who wiped the separatists off the face of the earth and outbounded the unit that helped transport the wounded back to the base. During this he lost consciousness due to blood loss. When the wounded arrived, it turned out that the only one who had a chance to survive was only Dmitri, yet he still had little chance. He was immediately stabilized in the base, and then sent by helicopter to a specialized Hospital, in which he underwent several operations, thanks to which he survived, Unfortunately, however, he fell into a coma for up to 2 years. During this period, when he was in this state, his parents fell victim to thieves, and were killed in their own home. In 2010, Dmitri, after waking up, rehabilitating, and all the misfortunes he encountered, he wanted to move away from Russia as much as he could. Uncle came with the help of Uncle, the elder brother of Dmitri's father - Ivan, who lived in Chernarus and worked there as a local forester. He met with his nephew and heard his story and desire to move away from Moscow and also Chechens. He offered him a job as an assistant to the forester in Chernarus, he accepted the offer with some uncertainty and after a few days they left the country. Soon they arrived at a small hut west of Pavlovo where his uncle showed him the surroundings. Since then, Dmitri lives with his uncle, where they hunt together - making a living and trying to repair Uncle Ada's old car in his garage. However, with a meager result, most likely, the spark plugs and the battery fell. What needed replacement, these parts to be able to start the car. Soon the epidemic came, all information about it was received by Ivan and Dmitri on the radio they had in their quiet forest. However, throughout this situation basic things were missing, such as medical supplies, ammunition for hunting weapons, and the possibility of looters causing Ivan to go to the city to look for supplies, and left a message to Dmitri. After this fact, the uncle never returned and hearing from him was lost, and Dmitri remained alone at the station, with what Ivan left behind. There wasn't much, food supplies for a few more days, Mosina, 5 packs of 7.62x54 ammunition and an old car.
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