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  1. Clay was born in 1997, Arkansas Fort Smith. His family was mostly stable, with an older brother, father, and mother. He attended one of the best school systems in the state, spent most of his childhood summers heading to family land in the Ozark Mountain Range. He learned how to camp, skin an animal, cook using a fire, how to hunt and trap game. Honestly Clay was an alright student at best, he wasn't very good at the outdoor survival stuff when compared to his brother. His life was one of being mediocre, it still didn't deter him from going to college, and then medical school. He did a lot better in adult life, getting his MD-PhD in only two years. He managed to net a job in the World Health Organization. Working on creating vaccines for dangerous diseases. Of course being a junior in his field, he was required to get some field experience. When the Frenzied Flu began in Chernarus he was one of the first WHO doctors sent in. His time in Chernarus wasn't grand, or anything. Working alongside HARO, Clay spent most of his time trying to help people get over, and recover from the Flu. He succeeded a little, but then the reports came in about what happened to the patient after discharge. Once the lock down got more, and more restrictive WHO was trying to get the doctors, and staff out. To put it mildly, things ended up going to shit too fast, the country collapsed, the doctors camp was attacked by desperate people. The blood, the screaming, all Clay remembers is running in the dark, through bushes, and trees.
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