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  1. Alex Cooper. Successful car salesman by day, notorious hooligan by night. That was before the infection broke out. Alex sat under the same tree he'd sat under for the past week, staring at the same fire, and sitting on the same log, thinking about the same damn thing. "Why the hell am I here. Do I deserve this?" He knew exactly why he was there, this was his fault. You see, Alex wasn't meant to be in Chernarus when the infection broke out, he was meant to be in England, selling decrepit old cars to any idiot willing to buy, or at worst stuck in Takistan waiting for a plane. He'd been in Takistan for 3 days in early 2014 following an friendly football match between England and the Takistani football team, although the game wasn't much to behold, Alex lived for the fights after. Takistan, a melting pot of ex-soviet soldiers, and an angry local population unhappy with the westerners disrespecting their land And of course, the pissed up England fans ready for a fight. Fighting aside, after the game, things took a turn for the worse with an old Takistani rebel group resurging across the country, fueled by hate for the West and a severe lack of freedom following the government's crackdown on Militia groups to accommodate the introduction of international football. The day Alex was set to leave, the rebels struck, every airport in Takistan either under seige or taken over by the militias, or under lockdown by the local government. The British embassy actioned a swift evacuationb of British citizens to the Town of novigrad by boat, as air travel was almost impossible by commercial aircraft because of the insurgent threat. Of course, Alex had made it to Novigrad under protection of the British, and eventually Chernorussian forces. The flights to Britain a success, down until the last plane, Alex's flight. He was woken up in the terminal by sirens similar to Air Raid sirens, and two voices over the intercom, One in a language he didn't understand and another in English. "A message to all present civilians, all flights have been cancelled, and an evacuation of the airport has began. Please find your nearest Airport security guard, or Military personnel if available. You will be taken to the nearest NATO vehicle for evacuation" Days after this event Alex had found himself somewhere in the north of Chernarus, being told where to go, what to do, by the same bloody soldiers each day,in a "refugee camp" without a clue what's going on outside, it took him back to prison. So he did what he did best, fought and ran, one quick punch, and over the concrete wall. Little did he know this was the best, and worst decision he could have made. Days one and two were the hardest, travelling south and by the road, he witnessed things he could never imagine, people eating other people, skinning with nothing but hands and teeth, mutilated bodies, left out on the street to rot. Hearing the screams of the victims of whatever was going on interrupted his sleep. Now Alex, at the point of break down, decided to hand himself back into the camp, but when he returned all that was left was a overturned log, and a dim fire. Unsure of where to go, or what to do, he sat by then fire, staring and sitting, always thinking in the back of his mind, "Why am I here, do I deserve this?"
  2. IGN: Alex Pfeiffer Age: 17 Country: UK English skills: English is my first language, I and have good communication skills. DayZ Experience: Just over a month of being apaart of the community, playing a lot since whitelist. What kind of role best describes you: Medic, as I am not amazing at working individually without a clear goal, whereas being a medic allows me to focus my concern on members of the group I am attached to. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Previously a member of Norsefire Additional notes: As of recently I have had very limited access to an internet connection, over the week using mobile, only on weekends do I currently have access to a computer with internet Best way to contact you: Through PM here. Backstory: Will make on request.