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  1. Dirk Button

    Born and raised in the south of Wales, UK, Dirk travelled around the middle east Working as an electrical contractor, he was at the Chernarus power station in Elektrozavodsk when the outbreak hit. He's only been in the country for a few weeks after travelling over from Georgia. Dirk was a loner who kept himself to himself, no known family for friends. He doesn't often talk about his past, Dirk will often be seen in one of the local bars after a days work. Struggling to come to terms with the current situation how Dirk comes through the challenges ahead is a real unknown.
  2. Only 1 picture is allowed to send in for the competition. Ah... apologies
  3. screen shot removed

    Dirk has more friends than you Duke! HAHA But seriously if it makes sense for your character then you gotta do what you gotta do mate, hopefully Dirk will run in to you again soon!
  6. The Cult Outreach Programme (Media Thread):

    Another convert to the ways of the cult and Dirks new best friend Louis Parker. Congratulations on repentance mate!
  7. Food Glitch

    has happened to me but just eat a whole pumkin and that sorted it (after eating 4 cooked steaks)
  8. Playing as a deaf character

    deaf people can talk........
  9. [S1] Explosion at Bashnya base

    thank you parranleikkaaja i will have to try and make it up to everyone with cow steaks
  10. New DayZRP Streamer

    Cheers Nilin
  11. [S1] Explosion at Bashnya base

    genuinely sorry wrothie think it was 5 or 6
  12. [S1] Explosion at Bashnya base

    honestly did not think it would cause any harm or damage but just scare
  13. [S1] Explosion at Bashnya base

    still im so sorry, I really didn't think it would kill anyone