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  1. ~ [it is night. The insects are singing their song in cadence to the cackle of the survivor's campfire. He tends to his meal as it cooks, turning the rabbit slowly on its spit. He opens the weathered book and reads by firelight.] ~ III This village is crawling with the infected. I found a car--two door, a sedan maybe--with gas! Not much but damn it was enough. They were scratching and banging at the windows and growled in a way that makes my stomach churn at the thought. After putting some distance between me and the village I thought I saw a survivor, a young man in an orange t-shirt. Maybe it was another sharing my fate, I thought, or even better one of my team (desperation does funny things to a man's brain). My hand was on the knob ready to roll down the window to speak to him as he came up to my window. I was face-to-half-dead-face with death. That wasn't human anymore. Can't remember much after that until I was half a kilometer into the woods on a hill overlooking the road. Excuse my handwriting but I need to get this out of my head. God, I can still feel the adrenaline in my veins. This is what I wanted, I came here to fix this. Then again, maybe he did too. ~ [The survivor didn't sleep that night, and his .357 didn't either.]
  2. Thank you and good idea! Yes sir my application has been approved. I have just been too shy/nervous to join the servers haha
  3. Thanks a lot! Unfortunately, I no longer have the files for the squirtle sig, but you can use it if you like. I can try to make a new one for you if you don't mind waiting a few days. Thanks for the tip, I'll hop on the mod tonight if I have time.
  4. [A survivor enters a run-down home in the village of Sosnovka, Chernarus. His search for anything useful turns up empty. As one last check in his sweep of the bedroom, the survivor peeks under the bed. He examines a small leather-bound book, its cover weathered and spine frayed -- "The Picture of Dorian Gray," it read. It must have been well used even before the outbreak. As the survivor flips through the pages, he notices something odd about the typeface. A closer look reveals that the pages' margins are filled with notes, sketches, and occasional drops of blood. This is not Dorian Gray, it is a journal. The pencil marks are faded and the pages waterlogged, scarred by the merciless Chernarussian skies. A cackle of thunder calls out and light rain begins singing its all-too-familiar pitter-pat at the roof and against the windows. The survivor gets comfortable in the bed and turns back to the beginning. He leans to the left to avoid the drips leaking through the ceiling and begins to read...] ~ I This book is all I have left. My family is dead. My friends are God knows where. We came to Chernarus looking for a cure to the infection, but I think I'm the only one left. I remember seeing the coast in the distance before the storm set in. The captain said we'd make it--at least he was right about one of us. I haven't seen anyone else yet. I can't be the only one... ~ II My stomach is going to eat me alive if I don't find food fast. At first I hesitated to walk around other people's houses. It felt like stealing, or maybe disrespect. I called out to see if anyone was inside. My shouting got the attention of two zombies that must have been lurking a block or two away. Knocked one out and made it inside before the other could get too close. Trespassing is a part of life in the apocolypse, I guess. Got bit in the wrist, used my shirt to bandage it up. I won't get infected, that was one of the reasons I joined this expedition. Hurts like hell, though. Good thing it wasn't my writing arm, I'd go insane with my thoughts trapped in my head. Not like it matters. Infected or not I'm bound to become one of them eventually. There's a rotten orange on the table, I never thought I'd crave eating garbage. Maybe the rest of the house has something I can use. ~ [The survivor looks up. A ray of sunshine warms his feet and the birds resume their songs. His brief R&R is cut short but the crack of a gunshot in the distance. Time to move.] ==================== Inspired by The_Testificate's post. In intend to add to this 'journal' as I play from the point of view of the writer. Comments and critiques are welcome, thanks for reading!
  5. Hello all. I have been following DayZ since the standalone was released, finally bought it last weekend. I absolutely love the idea of the game and all the stories it creates. My experiences so far have been great, but I think roleplay will give it that extra something. I've never done multiplayer roleplay before (only singleplayer characters for games like in skyrim) but it sounds very fun and immersive. I have Steam and TeamSpeak, and I intend to play faily regularly but I'm moving soon so I can't commit to any schedules. I also play War Thunder and Red Orchestra if anyone is interested in playing sometime. P.S. I make tags. Have had an art block for a while now but I'm willing to take requests!
  6. Couldn't find an answer to this elswhere: How do you explain every new survivor washing up on the coast? Does every RP backstory have to somehow lead up to washing up on the shores of Chernarus?