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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. How Organised is YOUR gear?

    I always try to organize my gear and items, it looks much better and it is easier to know where you put a certain item.
  2. Hello!

    You could try! And thanks for the greetings.
  3. Hello!

    Now that you mention it, the post counter doesn't go up. Damn! Oh well, maybe I will leave something on a thread within these 30 days
  4. Hello!

    I read that, so I thought an introduction could not harm. 30 days was it?
  5. Hello!

    Hey there folks. I just joined DayZRP, waiting to get whitelisted, which by the way is going quite slowly. Anyway, not to dwell too much about that, I must say that I am excited to play once I am able to. Nobody will know who I am as time passes, as I tend to be silent on the forums. I read stuff, yes, but I barely post anything - which seems to be a pattern I have made during my stays with other RP communities for complete different games. Looking forward to role play with you all.