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  1. In return they wanted Mountain Dew.
  2. What Animal is the person above you?

    A narwhal.
  3. Someone behind me says,"Put your hands up".
  4. The RP Comedy in this is gold.

    This is comedy gold.
  5. What have you accomplished today?

    Title says it all. It can be IC or OOCly, so long as you accomplished something.
  6. Who then came back to get me, until
  7. SDS, and they are all around me.
  8. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Pretty cool. 9/10
  9. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Cool guy with lightsaber. 9/10
  10. Choose Your Own Story: One Stary Night....

    D. wanna see what happens.
  11. Two Years

    It's only been two years, and I have seen innocents slaughtered by these zombies, I have seen my only friends gunned down by ruthless bandits, and so much more. It feels like I've lived a life time, but it's only been two years. Why can't I just pull the trigger and end it all? It's so simple, but yet so... hard. Am I a coward, or do I refuse to go out so easily? Either way, I still endure every day in this hell called Chernarus. Even though it's only been... two years. //OOC: Kinda what goes through the mind of my character. Tell me how I can improve.
  12. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Looks cool, 8/10
  13. Pretty good read. Keep it up.
  14. DayZ Standalone Giveaway

    29 please.