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  1. IGN: Richard Whiskey Age: 18 irl Country: U.S English skills: Good, it's my first language. DayZ Experience: Above average, I have good map and mechanics knowledge from several months and hundreds of hours of gameplay. What kind of role best describes you: Any kind of supporting role where I back up other people. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. Additional notes: I'm easy to get along with, friendly, and laid back. I work well with other people and I'm looking for a good group to get involved with. Best way to contact you: Skype - thedigitalend email - [email protected] Direct message on here Backstory: My name is Richard 'Dick' Whiskey. I'm 32 years old, and for years I worked as a computer engineer at a small firm based outside of Silicon Valley, California. After being falsely accused of the murder of my wife Jessica and our 6 year old son Sam, I was forced to flee from our long time home to the remote area known as Chernarus. There I started to tend bar at a small establishment in the town of Stary Sobor. Disgruntled and bitter over the fate of my family and my past life, I turned to alcohol to try to ease the pain of the complete upending of everything I knew. Drowning deeper and deeper into the depths of my own vice, I slowly became someone I hardly recognized. All feeling ceased to affect me, and I began to lose all faith and become devoid of any kind of sympathy or empathy. Little did I know that these same traits would serve me well when my life was once again crushed, this time along with all others, by the outbreak that has changed our world for good. Feeling empty and heartless has helped me survive in this harsh world we now call a home. Now that the infection has spread. While I have little will to live, my anger and frustration keeps me going, as I refuse to let any thing other than myself drag me to my death. Especially something that's already dead.