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  1. I know what you mean, with stuff like H1Z1 on the horizon this Zombie survival genre is really getting swamped. Not implying that people can't play multiple games, but you're spreading the player base around a few different games instead of having one communal place. Who knows though, maybe all the deathmatchers will jog on to H1Z1 seeing as it's going to be Free to play and leave us lot alone!
  2. Hey guys, would just like to quickly introduce myself seeing as I just applied for whitelist. My name is Mathew, I'm from the UK and I'm 22. Like most of you probably, just sick and tired of not getting that "human interaction" thing on DayZ servers and this server seems to have a like-minded community. Did any of you guys ever RP on Guild Wars 2 or WoW? Just wondering if maybe there's a tiny chance I might have played with anybody before I was on scarshield legion on WoW and (I think) Piken square on GW2 Cheers.