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  1. Fantastic Information thank you for the post, I am currently working on my application, and have been for over a week so far, I think reading this post has added at least another few days of work to go into it. I was worried about going into to much depth on the NLR and KOS rules, as it might seem like I was trying to unnecessarily bulk out the response you were looking for, however after reading Khardia's post I feel that I can give the answer I would like to without having to skimp on the content. I think my back story has some original elements in it, which which will help my character progress well, if I am successful in being whitelisted. Your community looks very interesting and I really enjoy reading the forums. I hope that does not class me as a lurker, I'm not honestly. Well I better get on, but once again I would just like to say thanks for a very helpful and informative post. Kind Regards John B.B.