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  1. IGN: Rhys 'Ice' Stevens Age: 17 Country: England, United Kingdom English skills: I am English DayZ experience: Been playing DayZ on and off for a couple of months, really enjoying it but want some people to play with! What kind of role best describes you: Scout/Sniper/Gatherer Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope Additional notes: Full of banter Best way to contact you: PM on forums or PM Rikoraa on Steam Backstory: (Subject to change) Former member of The QDG (Welsh Cavalry). I was being shipped home when our chopper was shot down over Takistan, I managed to survive the helicopter crash along with the pilot and my younger brother. We made our way through the hostile terrain, trying to find a friendly camp. After 2 days, the heat and lack of water finally got to the pilot, he dropped dead in front of my brother, who then preceded to rip the flesh off his carcass. I freaked out as I realised my brother hadn't been right since we first crashed in that chopper, and now, he'd gone full on zombie. I shot him 3 times in the head and without my realisation, a squad of American soldiers had witnessed the act, all they had seen was a British soldier shoot one of his allies in the face. They opened fire. I started running back the way we had been walking for the past couple of days and hid in a nearby town until the American soldiers lost interest. I knew I couldn't go back to the army now, I was a traitor, I stole some old rickety truck and I drove. I stumbled across Chernarus, where the zombie apocalypse was in full swing. I figured no one would be stupid enough to chase me here so I set up camp off the road and waited for an oblivious local to drive by with a better set of wheels.
  2. Hey, My names Rhys (Rikoraa) I'm 17, and I've just recently had my application accepted and whitelisted! I'm quite new to role play but I'm really looking forward to playing with you all and doing my best! Hopefully I'll be on the server this evening or tomorrow morning, I'm really sick of constant death matches on DayZ mod servers so I'm really looking forward to playing DayZRP, see you guys out there