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  1. Well then, this started as a goodbye and ending in a family reunion.
  2. Actually from what Ive heard and seen on other servers, the more trees that fall, the more lag and desync there is. The tree has to fall on everybody's screen and the server has to work hard to make it happen for the 60+ people coming in between restarts. In fact some servers found a way to help the issue by giving tree fixers and rewarding you for fixing a tree. +1 btw
  3. VictorC

    UNOFFICIAL DayZRP Patch 1.4.0 Trailer!

    Say what?! All this time Iv only been able to loot the bottom floor because the ladder was blocked by a door. Unless im thinking of another tall building? Well now the search begins to find someone to rp having ants in their pants lol.
  4. VictorC

    UNOFFICIAL DayZRP Patch 1.4.0 Trailer!

    Iv noticed these things: Those extremely tall apartments I hate because you cant go any larger than first floor and zombies glitch through the floor. Couple of new animations that Iv seen before, only thing Iv never seen is the clapping. Apparently now you can have gates at your roadblocks even though no one really will use them ;P I noticed that there some new skins and bags as well as more crap on the streets (WHY!!!) im not sure uf I saw a settlement with a bridge or a town thats been pwnt. New dances. New trucks/urals New guns including the sniper m4 that uses stanag rounds. I believe i saw the berreta with burst first. You can fish from a bridge. Everyone likes to lay on the dirt too much.
  5. VictorC

    Gear menu bug

    When this happens all i have to do is hit esc and bring up the menu then close and it work fine. Works everytime for me. Next time it happens try that, Hopefully itl work for you too.
  6. A scream of pain and terror, the guard was getting dragged off the ship by a shadowy figure which turned out to be...
  7. Then thats when it hit me, me and this woman were being taken prisoner on a boat...or someone hasn't bathed in a really long time, so I...
  8. Today I enjoyed the rp if Dimitri Rose and Philip, had a great night tosay guys thansk hehe made me laugh
  9. One of the men came up and hit me along the head, the last thing i heard before I sunk into darkness was the screams of the remaining SDS being tortured.
  10. It must be, but i shall put that aside as suddenly...
  11. I look over and notice a huge cut in my arm, i look around and am horrified by the sight of...
  12. Suddenly everything went black, when i awoke i found myaelf in....
  13. VictorC

    Testing out S3

    Because ACRE isn't implemented yet Like Rolle said in the OP. Ahh i see, I somehow skipped that part, my mistake. For a moment I was confused. Thanks.
  14. VictorC

    Testing out S3