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  1. groovy dingo

    groovy dingo

    The lore died when the RF disbanded 

    1. UwU Monke

      UwU Monke

      I remember visiting the RF compound and seeing Debbie stand on the tower. Then come back 4 hours later and there he would still be. Big strong Russian man. ?

    2. FaeLR



    3. ScarlettLR


      Yup totally and utterly agree with you 10000%. 

      the office yes GIF

    4. Empress


      Agreed. I really miss that QZ RP. 

    5. MarcLR


      I died when Debil rejected my hand in marriage

       Sad Cry GIF

    6. Daemon


      *sad debil noise* 

      Major facts. Its was a massive part of the foundation. Also the better part of the roleplay the last couple months. Without them everyone got too bored and devolved almost immediately 

    7. Empress


      ^ this. It was a magical experience really entering that QZ as a character with 0 survival knowledge. Midori was a helpless kitten in all this. She was breaking down near constantly from the gunshots outside the compound. She was so innocent and I really wanted to keep that going for as long as possible. I made her purely to have that transition RP, but it came and went so damned quick because of the deterioration and quick archive of RF. I'll treasure the memory of that RP for awhile, that's for sure. They could have easily been group of the year.  

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