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  1. I live in a perpetual state of 



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  3. It was fun boys keep up the good work
  4. I think the term i'm looking for it LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO Cheers for having me
  5. There is a reason base building was removed twice and no matter how much everyone says "oh we will keep to the guidelines and strict building rules and if staff keep everything regulated it will be fine", it's a waste of time and should just stay removed. It's best we just leave it be and stop trying to get it back, staff don't want it and alot of people don't want it back either. If you want base building back so you have somewhere to hide your loot just make a stash, it's going to get broken into anyway.
  6. Thank you for your Constructive Feedback on our RP jimbo, we shall try and improve it for next time so you don't feel left out
  7. I mean if i had to guess roughly 80% of people are playing western characters but good luck anyway @N1RU graphics looking mint as to mate
  8. I like ya cut g

    also @RonnieLR and @Mommy

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      my cut's better g


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      Shut mouth

  9. Cheers for the pic @RonnieLR ❤️


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  10. Roman was born in Svetlojarsk Since Roman was born so close to the border of Russia, his upbringing had some form of Russian influence albeit just learning the language from the Russians that actually came through, learning some of the language from the foreigners would turn out to be some what useful later in life. In his early life Roman was always known for his attitude earning the nickname "píča" usually being very blunt towards people. As he got older Roman was able to control himself better and get a job as an Apprentice Fitter/Machinist but that was all put on a halt with the infection beginning. Roman was shipped off to a QZ by government forces, in his time there he saw mistreatment against Chernarussians by the Russians... His people the people that own that country mistreated by soldiers of a foreign army an invasion force. Not long after seeing all this he remembered what his father had fought for he had all these memories of his people being mishandled by Russians he had visions again of his mother crying as they ripped him from her after they found out her husband, Romans father was fighting for the freedom of Chernarus, although he had died in an attack to demonstrate the power the NAPA held they still wanted to hold his family accountable. Now Roman is hoping to cleanse his once great nation of all these foreigners and Russian dogpigs.
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  12. I have had great interactions with this group and i'm excited to see what storylines we can create, keep up the good work


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