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  1. vladzikas

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Hey i need a Guid reset //TheTanteTerror: Pm sent and handed over to an ADMIN
  2. Renekton 4 ever, im destroying everyone with my renekton.
  3. I've played it one year before, in kaazak, but got tired, so i left, but i may return there one day
  4. This ad is epic, made me watch the whole 4 minutes and then repeat.
  5. This ad is epic, made me watch the whole 4 minutes, and then repeat.
  6. all kinds of oldschool hip hop, and my native, Lithuanian hip hop all the way!
  7. Some people really need to read this guide... Btw it's a realli good guide
  8. Hello mates! I have just joined this community, and im eager to get whitelisted,i'm looking forward on playing here. It will be my first DayZ roleplay experience.