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  1. Michael Cross

    Official CS:GO Thread

    well this was a lovely gift for reaching 100 wins!
  2. Michael Cross

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Plus one was their as witness was very funny. I really should have recorded it, it was the moment he said hi guys and it just read 7 day ban...
  3. Michael Cross

    Achievements Crashing game / Ban you

    Same thing happened to me at NW ran over the dead body pile behind the fire station, got the achievement grave robber and then white screened and am now banned from joining the server. I can still join other wasteland servers so it is limited to the dayzrp server.
  4. Michael Cross

    Official CS:GO Thread

    When this shows up but is gone before you can click it. I cry ery time
  5. I did it and it worked fine for me it is better to start from scratch, but i just deleted as much as possible defragged my hdd and mirrored it to an external drive then mirrored it back onto the ssd.
  6. Yep third one since persistance has been reset twice.
  7. Michael Cross

    Persistence Off When?

    Do you check the forums? there was a whole thing on having persistence off and not having bases. Yes I check the forums but they could have actually given people at least a days warning so that they could take as much as possible the last time i checked there was a pole about it and then it was all gone overnight.
  8. Michael Cross

    Persistence Off When?

    Well thank you for ruining everything we spent the last week working on, had a nice base established with tents full of food and ammo all deleted overnight and now there is nothing to find, spent half an hour running around on s1 and didn't see a single item. GG
  9. Honestly as much as I loved the mod it will end the same way the namalsk sever did, everyone will hype about it play it for two or three days to re-live the old memories and then they will stop again and it will end with another empty server that isn't used. I'm all for trying new things but this community loves to hype about stuff and then not use it when it gets released.
  10. Michael Cross

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    Sounds good.
  11. I like to keep the blood off my face. When your axing a zombie brains are going to be flying everywhere. No one wants that shit in there mouth or eyes.
  12. Try using a weapon like the mosin or a repeater that doesn't require a mag that way you just need the ammo. But yer i usually carry a few mags to trade with people as well.
  13. when it crashed the zombies all respwaned invisible so i asked staff to restart it and it hasn't come back up since.
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