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  1. The Democratic People's Republic of Zelenogorsk is a new nation founded in the ashes of the social breakdown caused by the pandemic that swept through Chernarus. The citizens of this nation are a diverse group of people who follow similar ideals, to establish a save a thriving city for survivors of the pandemic and help all those in need. Originally, the staging area for the Republic's influence was going to be Zelenogorsk but the small community has had run ins with the Russian Military, who it seems only wants to steal from the citizens who they claim to protect, and other survivors who just seem to want to take what they want with no punishment. The group was founded by @MontyCristo and @ShotgunGuzzz (Playing as Cristo Bunin and Tony Guzzman respectively) who decided that the lawlessness of Chernarus post pandemic and the ambiguity of the Russian Military's influence was not enough for the scarred country. Meeting like minded people like @John Connor and @The Milkman (Playing as John Connor and Father Gatsby respectively) they decided to create a sanctuary for the survivors who live in the West. Not initially understanding the risks of this task, they decided that establishing a government with a proper security force, founded on the ideals of survival, collective liberty, and becoming self sustaining, is the best course of action. The goals of the DPRZ include but are not limited to: establishing a proper staging area for government operations, gathering enough resources to support the local populace and any survivors who wish to join our cause, become self sufficient (farming, fishing, hunting), establish trade and commerce with other groups, and exert military control over a reasonable portion of South West Chernarus. Establishing a proper governmental system will take some time, but becoming self sufficient and establishing a staging area would be easily attained in around 100 in game days. In that time, we would also gather more citizens, deliberate voting rights, conscript into the militia, and delegate industry. One goal we do not have is becoming the all powerful government of Chernarus and controlling everyone, we wish to be mostly peaceful and not be at war with everyone. Roster: @MontyCristo @John Connor @The Milkman @ShotgunGuzzz @TwiggierFoil0 This is only the 5 of us who I can actually get their forum handle but there is around 11 of us total waiting for whitelist or didn't give me their handle at the time of writing this. Thanks for the consideration, -Cristo
  2. Full unedited footage of today's recording Thanks Edit: not sure why my microphone wont record when using shadowplay
  3. Watch the clip I posted originally, it shows one of you with your rifle out as you get out of car. Please I want to solve this situation civilly. Don't accuse people of lying please I would appreciate that.
  4. Again if you watch the video, I immediately put my RPG away and walk down to greet the people in the car. I agree that my friend Tony did say "Get your guns out!" But if my audio was actually working you would have heard me tell everyone no guns allowed. If our intention was to be hostile to these other players coming to the Zelenogorsk Station, I would have not walked down there and approached someone who actually had their guns out and wave. My intention for this character is to not be hostile and to accuse me escalating this situation is just factually incorrect. It was you lot of came to us, it was you lot who pulled your guns out in the street first. You engaged us in RP and were friendly, it was you guys who coordinated this, we were sedentary, we were hanging out helping others who came along the way. Edit: a word and a sentence
  5. I told everyone to put their guns away, thats something I would like to point out. If you have a longer recording with my actual voice being recorded please post it. My recording does not have my personal audio at the moment but I can upload my entire hour long clip to youtube if you would like. It also shows the people doing the head glitch magic trick, which I also want to point out because those two are not part of my group, they were newcomers to our Zele base. It shows us also fixing a part of our base that was blocking an entrance.
  6. Please let me know if I should upload the whole 1 hour clip of this Server and location: Chernarus, Zelenogorsk Police Station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): today Your in game name: Cristo Bunin Names of allies involved: Tony Guzman Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): black car Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): video posted above Detailed description of the events: Here we see this group of players meet us and a car roll up outside, they all seem to be on the same page and there was no way the car should have known that we lived there unless they were communicating. They then yell to put our hands up and immediately shoot my friends before even giving a chance to put hands up. This seems like clear violations of 3.6, 4.6, 4.7, and 4.1 (maybe). Please let me know if there is any more evidence needed, I have an hour of footage.
  7. Born in overseas on his father's deployment in Germany, he was about to start a semester in university before the outbreak took hold. When he was younger, his father taught him Russian at home as part of learning about his family's history. He was taught values of hunting, living, and interacting with other people giving him a certain outlook on life. His family would travel all over Europe for his father's, who was a career officer in the United States Air Force, deployments and would go to school in different parts of Europle. He opted to go to University in Livonia before the outbreak stuck. Not knowing whether his family is dead or alive, he feels trapped in Livonia and is looking for a way to find his family again or somehow help establish some law and order to the ravaged countryside.
  8. Hello I am Montague Cristo, a newcomer to this server. I have been a part of various roleplay communities for a long time. My longest is a Star Citizen roleplay community about a separatist nation, and I am still an active member today, being a member of the IC government. I have playing on different Arma Life servers for various amounts of time since Arma 2 OA and have been playing DayZ even longer. I am a big fan of RP in video games because a lot of the time you can find great communities and friends for life, I actually found out about this community through another group of people. I generally play the same character over different RP scenarios and try to act on situations in game as if I am really living them, so far its gone well. If anyone has any questions for me or just wants to talk Star Citizen, send me a PM on here or in discord.
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