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  1. Don't worry, already read the rules. c: Thank you for support! Thanks for the welcome, and sure, I'll check some threads out. c:
  2. That's a really cool idea, but I don't think it's implementable.
  3. I'd probably join, but I'm too much of a noob. I would only slow you down c:
  4. Thanks for wishing me good luck, and of course I won't annoy the admins with trivial matters. c:
  5. Greetings, friends! My name is Casper, I've played DayZ and ArmA for about 3 years, I bought Standalone right after it came out, and I am absolutely CRAZY about those games. I've been looking for a server, where you roleplay, not just shoot everybody in the face when you see them. I am happy I found you! I love roleplaying! I have my OCs for fandoms like Ace Attorney, Homestuck or TF2. I hope my whitelist application is not very terrible, and hopefully: SEE YOU IN GAME!