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  1. Tourist who took a shady boat to Chernarus from Samsun, Turkey, with a couple of friends to have an adrenaline-filled experience, which resulted in him getting lost and not finding his 2 other friends. He rpams Chernarus trying to survive and gather information on his lost companions. Me and my 2 other friends were in Samsun, Turkey, and had a couple free weeks before our studying abroad program started, so we decided to go around the city and visit the coasts to get familiar with the city. We were kind of bored of the urban environment, so we decided to go to the coast, it was around 3:20 PM. When we arrived at the coast we were still pretty bored, and with our adventurous/risky nature, we started looking for something fun and dangerous to keep us on the edge. We started climbing in abandoned boats by the pier, until we came across a really suspicious boat. When we climbed inside it, a drunk captain was sleeping, and we woke him up in our attempt to sneak out. He started yelling in his language, but lightened when he noticed we were scared, and tried speaking English for us. "Tourist, yeah?" We simply nodded. We sat with the man and had a chat, he asked us about where we came from and such, before we noticed, it was dark already. "Come tomorrow" he said, "I have idea for fun, yeah?" we had the next day free so we thought "what could go wrong?" If only we knew. Fast forward to the next morning, we met up with the man in the same boat, when he started laying things out for us. "Chernarus, dangerous but entertaining place, across the sea." We were confused, we'd never heard about "Chernarus", but we were curious and asked more, the man didn't specify anything else, but he kept repeating fun and dangerous, so it caught our attention. My friend Luis was feeling uncomfortable but we managed to convince him of the idea. The man told us to bring "some clothes and food for trip", so we did just that and met him a couple of hours later, at around 2:10 PM. We arrived at the pier, and the man looked ecstatic and excited to set sail, as if he needed a reason to go to this so called "Chernarus", but we just ignored it and hopped on the boat with him. About an hour of going up and down on the waves was just enough for me to start dozing off, and I eventualy fell asleep. I woke up to a random yell and wood banging on the boat, I looked up confused, and the man was losing control of the boat, before I could gather my thoughts, the boat flipped, and before I had an idea of what the hell just happened, I was already swimming, trying get off the water, I could see a lighthouse, far in the distance, and I tried swimming to it, but the water was too cold, and I passed out. I woke up the next morning on the coast, with no idea about my friends, or the old man, and I'm not going to stop until I find Luis and Alex.
  2. Oh, I didn't know that, sorry. Thanks for the help!
  3. Can I get some assistance?
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair since I failed to reply to the report in time. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I never thought I'd be called for report, hence why I didn't check the site, but I understand my punishment for not replying. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove the tempban placed on my account What could you have done better?: Checked the site shortly after closing the game. My POV of the situation: I logged in on the blue medical bulding on the hill at Stary, not 3 minutes go by, when I hear shots and I assume there must be people in the area, my character, being the friendly type, decides to go and see if he can help out in any way, I found the first guy (I don't remember his name) in front of the garages down the road from the building. I say hello and ask if he has any friends to which he responds yes. I saw he had an AKS, and I had one in my vest too, so I asked him if he needed ammo or attachments for it, he said he had enough ammo but I still gave him a silencer. After a bit of friendly and patchy chatter (I could easily tell he was in TS with someone else since he would stop talking for awkward amounts of time) one of his friends, the one with the M4 comes by and says hello, I could sense an aggressive tone in his voice which instantly led me to think "That's it, I'm getting robbed." The first guy with the AKS I met seemed really interested in the Mosin I had on my back, and I asked if he had anything to trade for it, which his M4 friend seemed very pretentious and said that they don't really feel like trading, and if I could consider a donation (didn't really sound friendly at all). I insisted to trade (which would've been the better decision for them if they had to leave soon and had enough gear to trade for my mosin.) I also suggested that if he didn't want to trade, there were a lot of Mosins laying around, as it is a common weapon. (My character is really attached to that Mosin since it is the first gun he actually learned to shoot) By now the third friend came by and everything turned a little bit toned down and aggressive, weird patchy chatter which led me to believe they were planning something on TeamSpeak. And then, he insists one more time that I GIVE it to them, to which I said "I don't think I can just give it to you", and started running. Not even a second after I started running I hear the man yell "alright get on the fucking ground buddy." which really didn't take long for them to initiate on me, and they were going to do so anyway, so I don't believe when they say they didn't want to rob me. After I ran past a couple of houses, I acted on adrenaline and decided to take on one of them, the guy on the M4, since I could easily attack back, but my FPS died and when it comes back to normal I am already dead. I understand the cause of my death and it was a mistake for my character's life, but in no way do I feel like did Bad RP, since the roleplay they were offering was bad enough with the patchy chatter and uninterested talk.
  5. Tyran

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Yes, considering I've had good experiences with black skull
  6. Tyran

    Beyond .62 patch. Beta?

    I also don't believe they would be so excited if this weren't such a big improvement, but then again, a lot of things have been promised before and not quite delivered.
  7. Tyran

    The Lore Wipe

    Option #1 as soon as possible, events are pointless at this point in time, and a lore wipe is the thing we need. As much as I'd hate to lose my current character, I believe a character wipe IS needed as well, since new story means new culture, and people can't behave the same way. I agree that a couple YouTubers would help boost the wiped story up.
  8. Every day, I wake up, and open the DayZRP website, to check how many people are on each server. When I do this, I always notice S1 EU is packed out, and when I try to join, there's around a 20 person queue, when there's no more than 20 people on S2 US. Why don't people just join S2 instead? It's sad seeing a server I used to play on get no attention, when we all know there's enough people to fill both.
  9. The approach I take is just dressing with civillian clothing, it makes everything more interesting, and I question people on why they have all that military loot, usually their answers are "idk man its got space" or "what did you fucking say punk?" Too many "badasses", and playing a friendly character, it's hard to stay relevant
  10. Having been in the community for almost 3 years now, I would like to say I've seen my fair share of good RP, but the good:bad RP ratio has been balancing out for the latter lately. Now, I'm really guessing it is just my bad luck of finding bad RPers, and they have definitely always existed, but it just seems as if most people get on the server to get fully geared AKs, full miltary clothing, and walk around acting badass. The only exception I've had lately were the hippies, and Jamie's patriarchy-fighting character, and those 2 encounters weren't even a quarter of all the encounters I had yesterday. Groups of 8 people running around, saying absolutely nothing (and if they do, you can easily hear their companions over their TS), being attracted to gunfire, and turning up just to see what type of action they can get need to stop. It kills any RP chance to see 8 people just standing around you completely silent, running around you, and showing no intention to roleplay whatsoever, if I wanted that, I'd just go and play public branch. This is just my experience of course, and I really want to say I've had bad luck lately, as I hope this is not the state the community's in.
  11. While I definitely agree with zombies actually being a threat, I still feel like I should be able to melee a zombie without having my clothes insantly ruined for taking a hit
  12. Anybody else's FPS get obliterated when near a light source? (e.g. fireplace, torch, chemlights, flashlight, etc...)
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