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  1. This, and good read! Thanks buddy, means alot!
  2. A dark beginning. They say dark beginnings have dark ends, and I can safely say that there are no happy endings in this tale. ~ Damien awoke from his sleep for the fifth time that night a bad taste in his mouth; he never recieved much sleep but he didnt expect to feel well rested in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. He checked his katana was still laying beside him; he dosent know why he does this... maybe the reminder of this weapon brought a sense of security to him or simple routine was the only thing keeping him sane; either way he left the makeshift floor bed, hoisted his rucksack and donned his metre long sword. After trundling through the wasteland for a while the thought occurred to him if he'd ever find his past; it seemed impossible however he knew nothing of himself other than the information on his dogtags and the surprisingly dextrous hand-to-hand combat abilities he possessed. He didnt even know if the dogtags were his... he found them in his hand after he came to in an abandonned hanger nearly a hundred miles from where he now stood. He needed to find food soon, he hadnt hydrated for hours and hadnt even for longer. The world seemed hazy. A settlement began to appear from the horizon; food would be there, as would people... a small plume of smoke rose from the roof of a building. D wasnt a people person, he had only ever had one companion but she had died long ago. he prepared himself for the anticipated confrontation... [attachment=1108] //first rp story... dont even have the game lol let me know if you want it to go anywhere in particular thanks for reading :)//
  3. Name: VI Age: unknown [adolescent] Height: 6"0 Weight: 105 kilograms Hair: none Eyes: blood-red pigment Pre-Outbreak Profession: unknown Demeanour in Three Words: erotic, erratic, number