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  1. Err.. Silver 4 You? Yes its a bit stressful when you get strange results in your experiments and you have to find out why, but the thought that all research I do is to improve soldier's health I am very motivated and enjoy it! If you want to play cs together, pm me your steam! I don't like it when people quit early tho.. So when we are losing badly, just use the match for practicing is what i always say Yeah I have the same thought process when it comes to losing matches. I'm only a Silver Elite, so only one rank ahead of you . My steam is just my forum user name c:
  2. Ah nice, I also spend a lot of time playing CS GO. What rank are you? Also, that sounds like a stressful, but at the same time, a really cool job.
  3. Ah okay this makes more sense, thank you very much I understand c:
  4. Sorry I didn't use the search function but I did scan over a few subforums before posting. Yeah sorry I did look but I didn't see any thread like this :c That all makes sense I guess, thanks for your reply. Although I have one question, what do you mean by "server logs".
  5. By now i'm sure everyone who was in the DayZRP community is aware that a couple of popular Youtubers recently released videos that took place in the DayZRP servers. Naturally, because of this, all of their fans have flowed into these server causing them to be full all the time. As someone who has been here for nearly a year, i'm putting out a request that either more servers are created or the player limit is increased. In the case that there are plans for a new server, it would be lovely to see a server that is hosted in the OCE area for all the Australian and New Zealand players. Side Note: None of this is intended to be hostile towards any party. I think it's great to see that the DayZRP community has grown so much in such a short time.
  6. Wow I made this thread about a year ago, it's amazing to see that it's still going!
  7. IGN: Richard Johnson Age: 16 Country: Australia English skills: Native Language DayZ Mod Experience: Couple of hours. DayZ Standalone Experience: 340 hours and counting. Roleplaying Experience: World of Warcraft RP private server - Attempted RP in normal DayZ servers - Table Top: Dungeons and Dragons, also, Don't Rest Your Head. What kind of In Game role best describes you: A support role. I tend to have characters that support. This usually ends up being a medic/healer role. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not a DayZRP group. Additional notes: My character in the DayZRP universe is a doctor. If I were to put him into any alignment, I would say he is more Neutral Good than anything else. Best way to contact you: PM on the forums. Backstory - The Shorter Version Richard Johnson grew up in a small town, located in Rural Australia. As a teen, he spent many hours with their town doctor, who was pretty much his only friend. The towns doctor taught him everything he knew, from cleaning an infected wound, to some simple surgery. Once Richard had finished his senior schooling, he decided to go to university and learn more about being a doctor. After several years of study and training, he eventually left Australia to become "A traveling doctor." He went to many countries that had recently gone through natural disasters or had viral outbreaks. For a brief period he was in West Africa, helping with the Ebola outbreak. Once word had gotten out about a new virus in Chernarus, he was called over there to help with the outbreak. Richard was situated in Zelenogorsk Hospital, but things soon spiraled out of control. Richard, along with many others, tried to flee Chernarus, but the Russians were not letting anyone out. He was stranded, left to die, with no choice but to survive in this hellish place.
  8. I have double checked and my GUID is correct. I have waited about three days now and I am still getting auto-kicked when trying to join the server. Is there anything else I can do to fix this?
  9. Alright, the time has been moved forward to Friday, 10pm GMT+10 (I hope this does not cause any issues). We're still going to be meeting at Black Mountain as previously discussed. Just in case though, I would like for everyone to jump into Teamspeak to make sure this is a little more coordinated. The TS channel we'll be using is: Role Playing > DayZ Standalone > Room 1. Once we're all in there we can deal with issues as they come (KoSing, Trolls, etc). I hope to see a few people there tomorrow for an enjoyable time
  10. As I said in the OP it's 9pm not am haha. So, that'll be 1 in the afternoon for you I would assume? Ah yes my bad. You wrote from 9pm "to sometime in the morning" and not in the morning. Dammit! The AM/PM still confuses me after all these years Will still be at work for another 4-5 hours when it starts so can hopefully see if i can catch up later. If its night on the server again...i cant see shit lol. Oh alright i'll move it forward to 10pm hopefully it'll still be going so you can join in. I'm going to start a new thread with updated info.
  11. As I said in the OP it's 9pm not am haha. So, that'll be 1 in the afternoon for you I would assume?
  12. I feel like that's a bit unfair. I think there should be an application process for getting into that private forum. Ok I think that this was a bit missleading. If you read through the thread you will see, that there was no decission done yet. I mentioned the donor as a limitation, due to the fact that the whitelisting is currently combined with a donation. However I think this privat thing has to be started as soon as possible. The access to it should not be a big issue at all, but should be discussed in the related post. But I am really looking forward to Friday Ahh alright then. Yeah sorry, the way it came across was "Only donors should have access." And yes, I'm looking forward to Friday as well.
  13. I feel like that's a bit unfair. I think there should be an application process for getting into that private forum.
  14. I average about 200-350ms and it's not that bad. I can still communicate with people fine.
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