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  1. *Allyson immediately grabs her notebook upon hearing Nikolai and Kyle, writing down "Lopatino Castle"* "Thank you for the responses, looks like Camp Eden might be a place to stop by then." *Allie would let go of the PTT and hear Ivona's voice in the background* "To be fair, nothing surprises me in this new world. I hold no expectations, but I feel like I have to try and do what's right anyways... Stay safe everyone, Allie out." *Allie collects her supplies in the house she's taken refuge in and wanders off to potentially find her new home*
  2. *Allyson immediately answers after the message cuts out* "I should still be awake in four hours, I'll turn my radio on in three just to be safe." *Allyson exhales a sigh of relief after releasing from the PTT, hoping that there's good to come.*
  3. *Allyson tunes her radio to 47.7 after hearing Benedict's response* "Hey Benedict.. this is Allie. I know I can pull my weight just by hunting and gathering what's left of the old world's resources, I could show you what I've gathered over the last few days. Do you mind if we meet up? I am near a city I've heard someone describe as "Zelenogorsk"."
  4. *A young woman's voice with a Midwestern, American accent opens up onto a frequency* "Hello? ... If anyone hear's this, my name is Allie... I think I'm seventeen or eighteen at this point and I have been surviving with a couple family members up until a couple months ago..." *Allyson takes a deep breath, remembering the moment she had to bash her late father's head in with a crowbar. A moment that has left its scar, like many other recent ones have.* "I know there's more of you out there.. more bad than good, I'm not even sure if I can trust a voice on the radio these days.. I am in the search of a community that still has its morals. I have medical supplies and drugs to offer for my stay, I just want a safe place to sleep at night.." *She pauses, trying to think of what more to say before pressing back down onto the PTT* "I am always looking for good ways to contribute.. I am not a soldier, but a survivor and I want to find a place where I can do good deeds until my final days I guess... Allie out."
  5. Allyson Kohlner is a direct decedent from a German scientist Albert Kohlner, a sick and cruel human that was responsible for the deaths of many Jews and anyone else Hitler found to be subhuman. Once Berlin fell, the Russians, and the Americans moved quickly to gain as many Nazi scientists as possible. The USSR took in Albert and his family until the wall fell, many of Albert's children moved to the United States as soon as the wall fell, as they hated him and everything the Third Reich stood for. Some of the Kohlners kept residing in the area of Chernarus while attempting to avoid their family's evil past, and they were in contact with their now American family members. Shortly after becoming a teenager, Allyson and her close family traveled to Chernarus, to find that not even a month later everything was lost. Being the last Kohlner in Chernarus, young Allyson plans to survive
  6. Obvious WIP Corey James grew up with a musician for a father and was able to learn electric guitar, electric bass and drums before the age of fourteen. In high school Corey found himself in a band, which ended up being popular in Western Europe. Corey and his band, "The Protectors" were able to score a contract that provided them the ability to tour around Europe shortly after graduation. Eventually the band came into an offer to perform in Chernogorsk. This seemed strange to the band as they played heavier metal, and they figured this country was just into "Russian music". They chose the worst timing to accept that gig.. Once the infection broke out, what was left of the uninfected band members were split up due to an argument. It's been too long since Corey has been able to play some music, but he's gained some survival skills in his time here. Every now and then he comes out in search of other people to keep himself from going mad.
  7. Obviously a major WIP Before the infection, Jesse was a roadie for a small band that consisted of his childhood friends. The music that they created was being shared around in Europe more than back in the states. The band was on the way to a music festival in Berlin when the infection finally hit there. The band decided it'd be best to try and isolate themselves to wait for the "dead" to die. As they headed east, the majority of the crew eventually died in its travels either from starvation or injuries. Jesse's best friend Blake, the bass player in the band, broke his right leg just outside the border of Chernarus. After a day's travel with a broken leg, the two attracted the attention of a horde. As the horde came closer, Blake told Jesse to leave him there so that he could survive. After the two agreed, Blake gave most of his belongings to Jesse, excluding a nine millimeter pistol and a single bullet.
  8. This actually sounds interesting, I might need to find you guys if I plan to stick around for a little bit.
  9. Could use this to get a buddy of mine into PC gaming. Count me in!
  10. Keep in mind, it's not just the community, DayZ is struggling as a whole and a lot of commentators are getting pissy about it. Once the development team kicks it into high gear and makes DayZ a legitimate game again, I believe a lot more people will be playing DayZRP.
  11. By the time summer comes, the need for a second server would probably be coming back. I struggle being active in game at the moment because only like 10 people are online when I'm allowed to play (I work grave shift 5 days a week, including weekends) But I hope this causes for an increased population during the times I can play so I can enjoy some dank rp.
  12. Got held up a few months ago shortly after a firefight in the north, a couple allies came to save me and I died by friendly fire. rip
  13. This could easily be done with permissions, maybe don't implement it for the public rooms or other games, maybe if a group has an open frequency, that'll be open to view as well since it's public.
  14. My input may be useless but I've heard a lot of bad things about Shadowplay and Dayz, I'd recommend finding another software. In the past I've used Fraps, and Dxtory. Fraps is good for quality but your frame rate plummets, while Dxtory may take like 2 frames total off, and it's still pretty good quality as well. I'd recommend using Dxtory myself, it's simple and it's not difficult to figure out.
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