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  1. Carl Lavish or Big Lav as his friends call him grew up in South Side Auckland, He was a street kid, Carls parents never had much time for him as there priorities and time all went on alcohol and drugs. So to get by Carl got involved in a lot of petty crime ranging from theft to robbery and moving onto Narcotic and illegal arms trade later in life. As Carl spent alot of time on the streets people became drawn to him, not for his charm or good looks but for his ability to turn any situation into one that benefit him and the people loyal to him. Because of carls childhood he was always weary of people who hadnt proved themselves and had no patience for time wasters. As Big Lav grew older and acquired enough money to move off the streets he met a man named Sam Retorie, who was the Sgt of arms for a local Bikie group in central Auckland, he started supplying carl with Small arms and low level drugs and became quickly impressed with Carls ability to offload Product so efficiently Thus eventually Patching him into the organization Known as The Filthy Few MC. Upon joining the gang everything multiplied and grew for Carl, the weapons became larger in size and Quantity, The drugs also followed. But in the coming of all this alot more grew for Carl. More people and rivals soon wanted what he had and many tried pushing him out, But all were unsuccessful and many of these people still to this day have not been found. No criminal convictions have ever stuck to carl, his ability to be so dirty but somehow stay so clean at the same time have kept the police from ever been able to stick jail time to him. Carl is loyal to a fault but at the same time so untrusting of others, As a man with such a harsh and Brutal background alot of people upon meeting him are shocked as his persona does not emit that of a hardened killer. but more of a miss understood man who is trying his best to get through it all. As the old saying goes " You can only kick a dog so many times before the dog decides to bite your face off"
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