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  1. Im looking for people to rp with as well add me on steam : lilgartz
  2. I'm currently looking for members to form a group too, if you want to work together on this let me know
  3. I'm currently there and will be for awhile until i have a group to move out wth Meet me at the airfield if you want
  4. Just joined dayzrp, looking for people to rp with please let me know. Add me to steam if you want.
  5. I would say yes, except for the people who have been here for a long time and wish to maintain there current characters and groups. Since I'm new to the community I already have a fresh clean slate and those who have been with dayzrp can start over or continue with your old groups but a lot will already be lost simply due to the fact of switching to SA from the mod. Along with the lack of content in the game building up groups and items waiting for camps and vehicles to come make a strong case for starting fresh