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  1. Tommy Blakenship 22 years old, grew up in Rural New York where he learned camping, hunting and shooting. Spent most of his time in the woods and is no stranger to isolation and self reliance. At 18 and with no sense of direction in life, he joined the National Guard as an artilleryman. He never saw action, and once his four year contract ended, he left. The Army was no place for him, but it taught him skills which would prove useful later on. Tommy got a job moving pallets at a warehouse in northern New Jersey. It was hard and repetitive work but it paid well. By chance, he won a company wide sweepstakes for a two week all expenses paid cruise vacation in the Black Sea. He figured what the hell, it was free. Going on this cruise proved to be a mistake, as he realized when he was forced to abandon the vessel and set up camp with a large group of survivors on the shores of Chernarus. He had seen the news, seeing it in person was a different story. One by one members of his group started dying or leaving. Tommy knew that if he had any chance of making it home alive, that he wasn't going to do so with a caravan of old men, women and children from a cruise ship. He left a day later with a bag of supplies and no map.
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