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  1. Aight, thanks guess ill have to find that damn password again ehehehehe, how about server password do i get it after i whitelist or ?
  2. Ahoy guys ! It's been a LONG time (a year or so) since i last logged in, i was able to recover my stolen steam account that had dayz on it and i was trying to get back in the server ! I have been whitelisted back when only the mod servers where out and i was wondering if that whitelist will still be enough to log back in ! I have also whitelisted again when the standalone servers came along so i think im not gonna need to do the whitelisting process again. If so, where can i find the server password since i see that every single server now requieres a password to join, no idea where did that idea came from but ehh. Thanks guys im so happy to be back ! (sori four bad engrish)
  3. Thanks for everyone's ansewrs and ye it was from cs source. Thank you !
  4. Well i recently decided to come back to DayZRP and while i placed my GUID i misstiped it so i needed a reset, a mod said he was waiting on admin approval if i should be accepted or not. I had been VAC banned in my steam account for using b-hop scripts and thats why i was still waiting confirmation. Anyone that has a VAC ban know if ill be re-accepted ir not ?
  5. 1. Mp5K 2. Either a bright red raincoat with some blue jeans and some black running shoes with any waterproof backpack filled with medical supply's. 3. Been a member of DayZ SOS so the medical part of me kinda stuck to me when i joined DayZ RP, i just go around offering treatement to others
  6. *Jonny woke up in the middle of a forest. He felt desorientated, lost. He couldnt remember what made the huge bump in his forehead or even anything further in time then that. He slowly got up and almoust fell while doing it. He walked a merely 500 meters just to find a small shed in the middle of nowhere. He went inside just to find and a body with a bloddy gun in his hand. It was dark so it was impossible to determinate if the person was alive or dead but thanks to the small crack on the roof enough light was able to get in, enough to let Jonny spot the splatters of blodd in the shed's wall. There was also a radio. A radio that Jonny picked up and examined just to see it was binded to a frequency. Not caring to examinate any further he just started talking to it* - Huh, hello? Is there anyone there? *waits for a response, not getting any he soon talks again* - Well i dont remember much about what happened to me all that i can remember having dinner next to my tent in the middle of woods. Can anyone *stutters a bit* if there's still anyone, tell me what was bad to the point of making people suicide for no apparent reason! What is out there, the small walk i gave was only accompanied by rotten bodies, some even Twitched ! *Jonny felt sick by just remembering the looks of the rotten carcasses twitching while they almoust clinched to theyr * Sameone please explain me what happened ! *Jonny leave's the shed and lays down in the grass with the radio next to him. After a brief moment he finds himself crying thinking of the bad things that could have happened to his family. Trying not to think about it he closes his eyes and covers himself with some bloddy blankets he found in the shed.*
  7. Jonny Eastwood

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need GUID re-setting // Sung PM sent
  8. Jonny Eastwood

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Entered the old GUI instead of the new one Mind giving me a simple reset? //Terra: GUID reset. Please re-enter
  9. Jonny Eastwood

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I have no idea on what happened but even after the Player ID and GUID changed it stills tells me that it whrong. I used DayZ commander to copy my GUID, does this method not work anymore? EDIT: Only my PID needs to be changed the last number is a 5 not a 6.. //Pandi: I have reset your PID, go into the Donation Exchange and re-enter it, thank you.
  10. The scroll option when i click it happears for 1 sec and closes itself. Deleting the old profile making a new one didnt work so i just decided to rename my old one. It worked. Herp Derp thread.
  11. The change view option automaticly closes when i click it and ill try to change profile to see if it works.
  12. Thats exacly what i did with no results.
  13. I dont know if 3rd person was removed or not becouse i dont play DayZ RP in a month or two. Now that im back when i tried to play i couldnt go in 3rd person! I dont have a Num Pad so i always set it up for my ENTER and it usually works fine ( Yes i do disabble all the other functions binded to ENTER ) Any fixes? EDIT : Tryed changing from my ENTER to my right cntrl and it still didnt work...