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  1. Bud, you had a a bunch of zombies behind you. I told you exactly what I did and why i shot so many times .. but to reiterate. From that distance away I wasn't exactly surprised I had to use multiple shots to take down what I thought was a zombie (you) and the others behind/next to you. It's a shot gun, they aren't known for range. Again this was a complete accident, I was panicking as I was near death and had a group running toward me. You should have made yourself known. If you had said anything, I would have reevaluated and not shot. But running at me with a group of undead...
  2. Greetings, This was an unfortunate incident. Ed and I decided to make our way to electro. In doing so we were running through kamyshovo and ended up attracting pretty much every zombie in the town. Ed split one way and I the other to try and lose the zeds. In doing so I found myself in a field outside the town with a double barrel shotgun that I was frantically having to manually reload in between trying to distance myself from the dead. I stood my ground and took two down. They had been coming at me in spurts until I shot... then the group came. I quickly reloaded, aimed and took the group down with two shots. Only once it was over and we began checking infected bodies did I notice a survivor amongst the corpses. At fisrt i didnt know what i was looking at and asked ed if infected survivors were a possibility. Since the guy was running with the pack of dead and had not said anything or done anything to warn us he was human. After i got over my shock and we realized it was indeed a survivor, I checked the survivors pulse and attempted first aid but gave up when Ed assured me he was very dead. We then continued to electro and encoutered more of the dead. We ended up getting trapped in a hospital and in trying to make it down from the roof both of us ended up dying. Since we had died that was when I decided to log for the night. I was under the assumption that the kill timer is no longer in effect if you die due to NLR? Either way, we ONLY logged after dying.
  3. maxhiro

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    I need my guid changed! SweetJoe all done
  4. Perma banned for bad rp huh? Meanwhile we have admins creating false reports and abusing ingame powers.. What is done about this? Nothing of course. I'm just about done with this community.. which is unfortunate because if it wasn't filled with such cancerous people it might actually be fun.
  5. There is no logs what so ever from any of your men getting hit prior to when your men opened fire. The first hit upon your group member was 1.5 minutes after the first hits towards the civilians, so hardly your men were "gunned down" before you opened fire. The report was about baiting, and that's what you were punished for. Not when you opened fire or was is legit. The shooting was legit due to KoS rights, but those rights were gained from baiting. My team members were in the field, their backs turned and they were being shot at as they were running away. As I said, hit logs only tell half of the story, they were incredibly poor shots. It would also have been nice to have more time to discuss this incident before it was rushed and made formal.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s2-baiting-23-05-2014-5-15?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair: Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: "Who in their right mind steals a car directly from it's owners right in front of them? And you were decently outnumbered as well." We were not outnumbered, we took our time discussing the situation due to this we were able to hold fire until our men were being gunned down .> What would you like to achieve with this appeal: What could you have done better?: