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  1. Mikel Moroz is a former high school teacher from Elektrozavodsk that will do whatever it takes to survive amidst this zombie apocalypse. When news of outbreak and heavy military presence reached Elektrozavodsk, Mikel knew it was time to stock up with as many supplies as he could and quarantine himself in his apartment. One night he would hear several bombs going off in the distance, he would flinch out of fear at the sound of every explosion. The nights following would just be silence... until he one day he looked outside and saw the hording zombies walking aimlessly throughout the town. Even though his sanity is slowly fading, he somehow still holds some values of a good person. Up until now he has been locked in his apartment room running low on supplies that he had stocked up, and lasted him weeks so far. He has now decided that if he wants to survive he has to go out and face the broken world of Chernarus. He is hoping to god he will find other survivors.... assuming the other survivors will be glad to see him too...
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