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  1. Rook Dep was a Police Officer in Britain for several years. In his time he made many arrests, many more than his fellow officers. For this his superiors and fellow officers often called him 'Judge'. One day while storming a residence suspected of being home to people responsible for Acid attacks on the public. Upon storming the house, Rook charged into the kitchen, coming face to face with a suspect who threw a pan of Corrosive substances across his face, disfiguring him severely. This caused Rook to spend months in the hospital while he healed. One day the doctor helping him heal informed him that his Vocal cords had been damaged as a portion of the acid had gone down his throat, damaging a large portion of it. This meant that Rook was incapable of speech, besides the occasional grunt and possible attempt at saying some words which wouldn't be that understandable. Upon leaving the hospital, he was approached by his superiors, who sadly had to inform Rook that he will no longer be able to return to work due to the severity of his injuries. This caused rook to slowly lose himself. He lost his job which he desired to have even as a child. After some time he felt like he had nothing left, and one day attempted to kill himself by hanging. As he prepared to end it all, one of his superiors walked in, seeing what was happening, tackled Rook to the ground, restraining him from hurting himself. After this, he was given a psyche check and was deemed unfit for society. He was subjected to spend the rest of his days at the Zofiówka Sanatorium. Here he met Dr. Murkoff, who subjected Rook to many Experiments, this included Shock Therapy, Hypnosis, and even Drug Doses. Dr. Murkoff also attempted to help Rook find a Method of Communication. He couldn't repair his vocal cords but taught him how to communicate through Sign and assisted him in just being able to pronounce simple words like 'yes' or 'no', though rook would often just Nod his head or let out a responsive grunt. One day, Dr. Murkoff approached Rook and had a gift for him, a Wooden Mask which would allow him to cover up his scared face, a reminder of the man he used to be. Rook felt like he had regained a purpose again, being able to communicate brought meaning back to him. This caused him to be grateful to Dr. Murkoff and his Staff, developing respect for them all and fellow patients that Dr. Murkoff helped. One day, Dr. Murkoff lined the patients up, and asked who was loyal to him. Rook immediately responded and pledged himself to Dr. Murkoff and his Staff. The people who did not pledge their loyalty were executed on the spot, including Staff. Once they were executed, Rook, Dr. Murkoff, some other patients and staff set off into the new world. A world ruled by the undead.
  2. Hi, I'm Cameron, this is my first time on a DayZ Roleplaying server. Im really looking forward to the experience.
  3. Burke Chork was born on the 15th of September, 1996. His mother, Tracy Chork died at birth, meaning Burke was raised by his Father, Wayne Chork. At the age of 11, Burke began assisting his Father at his Shoe Shining business, 'Burke's Shines', in London. His duties were mainly helping his Father clean up the store for closing, as Burke was at school for most of the day. Occasionally, his father would teach him the basics on shining shoes, in hopes that he would be able to begin shining paying customers shoes. At age 13, like his father hoped, Burke learned everything he needed to know about shining shoes, eventually learning how to repair them too. This allowed him to work alongside his father, shining shoes and repairing them when needed. Of Course, he needed to go to school, so on weekends he would be shining customers shoes, and going to school during the week, as well as repairing shoes given during nights. Occasionally, Burke would be invited to go camping with his friends by one of their parents, allowing him to master tent pitching, foraging, how to set up a campfire, as well as fishing. Burke enjoyed it, he felt it was needed, a nice rest away from the shoe shining and school work. At the age of 16, Burke passed his GCSE's, gaining basic qualifications, passing maths and English as well as just passing DTech RM, Physical Education, and Science. At the age of 18, Burke was preparing to enter University, just awaiting his application to be approved. His friends moving away to different countries or just to a different part of Britain. Sadly, at this time, his Fathers health deteriorated, resulting in Cancer. Upon hearing this news, Burke refused to leave for university, despite being accepted into one. He decided to take charge of his Fathers business while his Health Deteriorated. He had all the skills necessary, so he was fine with it. 2 years later, his Father passed away due to his Cancer. After his Fathers funeral, which Burke and some of his friends and family attended, he decided to remain in London, taking charge of his Fathers store, promising him that he would keep the business alive for as long as possible. A few years later, a mysterious illness begins spiking up in July of 2017, resulting in many deaths in Europe, eventually making its way over to Britain. Upon hearing this news, Burke decided to skip town, first grabbing a few possessions from his Fathers Store, then grabbing a plane to Australia, hoping to perhaps meet up with one of his childhood friends. Halfway through the journey, his plane was flying over the Green Sea, when suddenly it started suffering from some turbulence, eventually crashing into the coastline of Chenarus. Burke, by some miracle, survived, washing up on the shore of Chenarus. Having no idea what to do, or how he will manage to get to Australia, Burke took off into Chernarus, hoping to find a boat or a plane or just some survivors maybe, he knew he couldn't be the only one alive, he was determined to find someone else, someplace else.
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