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  1. The roleplay was finished, I was released safely. I just wanted to apologize for the disconnects I had. They were okay with it, and seemed happy that I came back whenever I was disconnected. I enjoyed it, ai just wanted to make sure they did too. And enjoy those food plots I dug
  2. My Ingame name is Jesse McCoy, I was captured by y'all today at around 1230 Server time. We RPd and I dug your garden and tended it but I kept getting disconnected. I made it out alive, completely friendly so I guess that made it more fun for all parties involved. Sorry if I ruined anyone's experience in any way, hopefully it won't happen again. Thanks for the fun, I enjoyed it. -Jesse McCoy
  3. That sounds really similar to a group I have always wanted to make. Set it up in espionage, like Splinter Cell. Get in, achieve mission, get out without a trace. I do have a question for anyone who can answer- If a group such as this was created, what would be the regulations for say Group A hiring the espionage team to conduct guerilla warfare against their rivals in Group B?
  4. Personally I've used bolt actions ever since I took out an M4 squad of 3 guys in Electro. More rewarding when you use 3 well aimed shots while they spray at least a mag a piece at you
  5. Owen.

    [GAME] KoS at Green Mountain

    Kosed for kosing due to kosing a nun
  6. I'd kinda like to see a group that robs, but gives back to others. Stays secluded from others, but can be counted on for help. Patch you up in the field and then kill your best friend the next day (not literally, like adding a debt> loyalty effect) The best I can explain is your average Survivalist group (not a prepped, those are hoarders and potential murderers. Us survivalists don't associate with them lol)
  7. Owen.

    RIP Jack Fisher

    Dammit Fisher, that's it I'm pulling you out. The missions over. All jokes aside, I never met you personally but I have seen and heard of your adventures and kindness to fellow survivors. Will John Miller be the same way, or will he be a hardened loner who thinks for himself? Looking forward to the evolution, and R.I.P Jack Fisher.
  8. I forgot to mention it I see now, but its in the book I'm writing. His knee occasionally gives out on him and running fast or running long distance causes him pain. I'll add it right quick. Jeff, military men are trained for endurance not sbulk. If you even look at Navy SEALS, most are scrawny and weigh less than that even, Chris Kyle was a monster compared to other SEALS however as was Marcus Luttrel. However I will modify the weight just for you And MrEnderMC, am I in violation of something lol? Just been awhile since I've left, not sure if I've done something wrong. Thanks for replying guys, and does the photo I took look a bit tacky?
  9. Hello everyone, I have been gone awhile due to school and work, as well as working on my book- Im at nearly 120,000 words. Anyways since Ive been gone awhile and things have changed, I have created a new DayZRP character based on the main protagonist of the book I am writing. Of course its been "DayZ'd" and his story changed to reflect places and events in ArmA lore. Thank you all for reading and sticking with this community, it would be lonely without yall. ----------------------------- Name- Jesse McCoy Nickname- Kilroy Age- 35 DoB- 3/10/1980 Features- 6 feet tall, 176 pounds, dark brown hair and eyes. Three bullet scars on back near left shoulder, muscle spasms come as a result which throw his aim slightly. Has a slight, barely noticeable limp due to injuries received in the Marines. Identifying Marks- Cross tattoo on inside of left forearm; Special Forces insignia, Marine SOCOM insignia and CIA insignia in a triangle on left bicep, black and white American flag as background. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Background Story: Born in Brooklet Georgia, Jesse McCoy is a father of two kids- A 16 year old son named Emmitt and a 14 year old daughter named Hannah. He is married to Samantha and owns a 40 acre ranch in the mountains near Blue Ridge Georgia. Jesse joined the Army at the age of 19 after his girlfriend and future wife Samantha became pregnant, he was a Patriot and loved his country but this was the best way to earn money and care for his family. Their son was named Emmitt, and was a hassle for the first two years of Jesse and Samanthas parenthood. Violence in Takistan had flared up severely and Owens unit in the 3rd ID would be shipping out. Fearing his upcoming deployment may leave his wife a widow and his son fatherless, he became an active member of his Church again. However Jesse found that he loved the Army and the rush of combat shortly after deploying to Takistan in 2012. It was on his first deployment that he learned his wife was pregnant again. Three days before his 21st birthday, Jesse became the father of a daughter, letting his wife pick the name Hannah. He deployed twice more after obtaining the rank of Sergeant, allowing him a shot at Special Forces, after which he was picked by the newly founded 14th Special Forces Group. During Jesses second deployment with the 14th, he was severely wounded when he took three AK rounds in the back and left shoulder when the 14th was at F.O.B. Sand Dune near Nur and were nearly over-run by insurgents in mid-2013. He spent the next eight weeks recovering with his family, during which his enlistment ended. While not life threatening, he received nerve damage which threw his aim and steadiness when shooting. Jesse was 25 years old and had deployed three times when the US began their withdrawal from Takistan to the neighboring country of Karzeghistan to the south. He couldn't stand to see that friendly forces were taking heavy casualties during the supposed time of peace. Jesse enlisted once more, this time as a Marine. He was less than pleased with having to go through Boot Camp again, with the only reason being that the Armys Basic Training was 8 weeks and the Marines was 11 weeks. That's the military however, your a former soldier with 3 tours in T-stan yet you repeat Basic because you missed those 3 extra weeks. Unlike his service with the Army, Jesses time as a Marine was cut short four months into his first deployment when a rocket attack on Loy Manara wounded him. He nearly bled to death, and was rendered unable to walk for 6 months due to shrapnel in his knees and legs, which resulted in a medical discharge. The rocket attack, combined with his time with SF, caused him to lose roughly 60 percent of his hearing and was left with a constant ringing referred to as tinnitus. After learning to walk again, he had a limp and his knee would give out when going upstairs or sprinting for long distances. This would prove to be a challenge in the months to come... Jesse With his service over and a lump of cash he saved, Jesse had the time to fulfill his dream of becoming a country music singer. Unfortunately the closest he came over the year he spent trying was appearing on Broadway and the CMAs. However he was missing the rush of combat and knew he had to help his friends, the 14th was still operating, albeit illegally, in Takistan. When he signed on with the CIAs STALKER (An acronym describing the unit- Secure, Transport, Assassinate, Liaison, Kill, Extract, Recon) Unit as a Paramilitary Operations Officer, he figured that he would be able to support his friends in the 14th and maybe see them once in awhile. Since the US forces were stationed in Karzeghistan but the STALKERs would cross the border to take out HVTs, Jesse would travel into Takistan with them, split up and neutralize his targets, recover intelligence and do reconnaissance. It was during this time that Jesse became a shadow, he could slip in and out of anywhere without detection. Offices, airfields, military bases you name it. In October of 2014, there were reports of riots and illness in the neighboring country of Chernarus, and Jesses handlers tasked him with the assassination of an arms dealer who specialized in WMD's by inserting into Chernarus under the cover of being an aid worker. He was also tasked with surveying the situation of the nation, and gathering as much intel about the virus as possible. Him and the STALKERs loaded up and made it to the Takistan-Chernarus border, where the STALKERs returned to Karzeghistan to wait for news of Jesse reaching Elektrozavodsk for exfiltration after completing the hit, and Jesse continued alone with his assignment. It has been 7 months since then, and Jesse made it to South Zagoria after completing his assignment. Traveling from the Takistan-Chernarus border to where he is now, Jesse has seen true hell. The virus turned people into mindless savages, and the mindless savages turned people into bandits and murderers. Upon making it to Elecktro, Jesse found that there was no exfil team. He was trapped in this hellhole... Jesse was no quitter, so he resorted to making the best of his situation, hoping that eventually it would be over. Jesse decided that it would be best to live out in the North country away from people. People had forced him to become what he is today, a killer. His military career was different, that was a war. These are bandits, people desperate enough to kill to keep their families fed. He knows that's just what he would do of he had to. He resorts to weapons as a last resort, preffering to incapacitate people rather than kill. Or should he become a part of the history that's being written every day? Maybe he can even find a group of survivors that would take him in, God knows he hasn't made friendly conversation since Day Zero... http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/546405591531336044/A7BE7294F442A28F0B55AAD93CBE899CEC96FC30/[/img]
  10. Story withdrawn due to conflict with my upcoming novel.
  11. I am finally back after repairing my PC. It seems a lot has changed, and I believe that the DayZRP servers on the mod are no longer active? And Id like to "Lurk" the forums a bit before re-whitelisting for the SA. I look forward to playing with yall again, most of my best DayZ memories come from this community. Hello again, and thanks to the devs, Rolle and the community.
  12. Ah, thanks fellows. I feel like its home again allready...
  13. There have been multiple database wipes since you left Ah, so how do I fix that, I got a new PC so I probably should reinstall the DayZRP mod, right?
  14. Heeeey, whyd my IGN disappear? Is there something goin on? Do yall not love me anymore...
  15. Maybe the Mods here could make our dear Chernarus have STALKERish weather? #cloudsfogandrain