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  1. My name is Josh Herd I am 24 years old and before the outbreak i was a Butcher i was born in Nova so i know Nova back to front. I have experience with using rifles because when i was 13 me and my farther went hunting i would only use a Sporter 22 When my Dad gave me permission to fire but regularly hunted Dears I also had a gun licence before the outbreak and went to the shooting range with my hand gun My Farther passed due to the outbreak I have never left Chernarus due to being a poor family. However i believe i still have other relatives out there across Chernarus My Mum was in the Military and quit to be with with my farther then had my Brothers then 3 years later they had me but after Me my Mother became addicted to pills and left us with out warning. Since then i left the communal College and became a Butcher as it had been my dream to be a Full time hunter and this could a been a step closer to my dream job but now i have no chance unless they can contain the outbreak but its is very unlikely now due to the population being wiped by these monsters.
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