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  1. Flint Marlow is a young man born in the mountains of Tennessee, USA. Raised on hunting, riding back roads, and enjoying the young life of a country boy, he had grown to develop an untapped, but present ambition. After graduating from Polk County Highschool in 2011, he spent a year passing from job to job, working as a gun store clerk, a mechanic, and cattle farmer. During a family reunion during Christmas of 2012, Marlow had the chance to speak with his uncle after several years due to a falling out between Flint's father and his uncle that involved his uncle's addictions to various forms of medication and alcohol. His uncle began reminiscing of his years in the United States Marine Corps during the Gulf War and the War on Terrorism. After an entire night of Flint admiring his uncle's passion, Flint had decided what career and lifestyle he was to pursue. Flint has always wanted to join the military, but had hesitated to do so because of his father's disapproval, fearing he would become his Flint's uncle. Flint signed his name, and was sent to Paris Island that February to become a 0311. After several years, seeing action in Takistan and Chernarus, and being awarded the Bronze Star for providing intense suppressive fire alongside two other Marines while a helicopter was attempting to MEDVAC two Marine casualties in Anar, Takistan, Staff Sergeant Flint Marlow joined the 2nd Marine Raider Regiment of MARSOC and was redeployed to Takistan with 2nd MRR, 2nd Battalion. Flint spent six months in Takistan participating in operations that involved capturing several fugitive war criminals, formally Aziz's top commanders, and leading his squad in multiple counter-terrorism operations. Flint was eventually wounded when a 7.62x39mm round fired from an insurgent's AKM tore into his left shin and out his left calf muscle. Flint was sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, but was after quick and impressive healing, he was deemed ready once more for combat. However, he was instead deployed to Joint Base Utes, on Utes Island, Chernarus. He was assigned to a Quick Reaction Force after a spike in Chedaki rebel activity had be reported in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. Flint had been given command of squad and had been ordered to immediately deploy and investigate the Tisy Military Base when disturbing radio calls had been received hours prior, the details of the calls still a mystery, and radio connection with the base had been lost. When SSGT Marlow's squad had arrived, they were attacked by dozens of decaying CDF military personnel and were forced to spend days retreating down the mountains into the town of Novaya Petrovka. Here he discovered that the entire country had fallen into this epidemic only hours after he arrived at Tisy. While investigating, the 2nd Marine Raider Regiment, 2nd Battalion squad was attacked by a horde of the undead, and once again were forced to retreat, instead this time North into the town of Tisy. Flint tried several times to establish radio contact with any military personnel, however his radio operator, Corporal Wesley Adams, had gotten separated from Flint during the Novaya Petrovka escape, and Flint's shortwave radio was no more than a lost cause. Flint decided to seek shelter in Stary Yar for several weeks until finally giving up hope on an extraction. Flint gathered all of the supplies he could stockpile and carry and began marching into the Black Mountains, preparing to survive the crisis alone. Months go by, the bitter cold of the Black Mountains nearly kills Flint multiple times. His backup supplies is dwindling, supplies in the outdoors is becoming harder to find, and even harder to obtain, and his camp is falling apart. Flint gathers his strength and determination and prepares to face the crisis head on, as he loads his last magazine into his rusty, beaten M4A1 and journeys back into South Zagoria.
  2. In his early teens, Nathan had become determined to live life on the brink and exploring the world in a the most challenging way, through battle. On Nathan's 18th birthday, he stepped into his local recruiting center and signed his name for the United States Army as an 11B. Nathan would then go through several trials of willpower and endurance such as Basic Training, AIT, Airborne School, and Air Assault School, and RASP. Nathan would join the 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and be stationed at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia. By this time, Nathan had been promoted to a Private First Class (E-3). Nathan would then deploy with the 1st Ranger Battalion to Chernarus during Operation: Harvest Red in 2009, and Takistan during Operation: Arrowhead in 2012. Nathan spent 2 years fighting the Takistani Military and participating in various COIN Operations in Takistan until he was finally shot in his chest on the right, by a 7.62x39, during a firefight in Rasman, Takistan while assisting in the capture of Colonel Aziz. Although a clean shot, moving straight through and miraculously not damaging any organs or bones, Nathan was still removed from combat and returned stateside were he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Army Commendation Medal. Nathan had finally reached Sergeant (E-5) and completed the SERE course by 2014. He then requested to attempt the Special Forces Qualification Course. He was selected for SFAS, moved through the Q Course,and selected for the position of an 18B (Weapons Sergeant) in the 14th Special Forces Group. Lennox was then deployed to, post-Operation Red Harvest, Chernarus to participate in COIN Operations there against the Chedaki. IN 2015, Nathan moved further to higher Unit, participated in several missions as a sniper with this Unit, and gained the nickname/callsign "Scarecrow". However, Nathan eventually requested to be moved to the 5th Special Forces Group after hearing of a specific ODA 5412 and was approved as an 18B for the team. Nathan Lennox, now a Sergeant Major (E-9). Mid 2017, ODA 5412 was deployed to Chernarus and Takistan as part of NATO mission Steadfast Reaction (SRM). Lennox assisted in coordination with the ODA's CDF counterparts to engage in a COIN and CT operation in Takistan. While preparing for the operation in July of 2017, the Russian military struck an old Soviet site in the north of South Zagoria. Retasked to NATO CFOR’s MNBG East, ODA 5412 conducted reconnaissance on the situation. In their observations, they reported a biological outbreak had begun to spread near the initial strike point. Soon after, the virus became the primary objective for all Russian, CDF, and NATO forces in the region. Reynolds' team coordinated air strikes and attempted to assist both CDF and MNBG East in stopping the spread of the virus. Failing this, ODA 5412 was severely diminished in strength, losing their Detachment Commander and a few others. A massive storm raged from July 20 until early July 24, causing Lennox's Assistant Detachment Commander to lose contact with HQ CFOR on Utes Island. Nathan and the surviving members of ODA 5412 decided to find other NATO forces.
  3. [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_VsvZmIWxY Can't believe no one knew about this song... It's like, basically theme song of the (Real) United States Armed Forces...
  4. *Nathan raises the radio to his face as he chuckles* Well, honestly, that question was directed towards the man looking for anybody to come join his little camp up North. You see we to are up North and looking for any remaining military personnel to regroup with whether we fight together or just help each other. This guy seems to be following the same goal. However, I think it'd be best if we met up so we could work on it together. Whoever spoke to me though, thanks for the kind words! *Nathan quietly laughs a but more as he lets his hand fall beside his side and reclaims his more serious attitude*
  5. *Nathan lifts his head from his arms, snatches the radio to his mouth off the bench behind the pub, quickly jumping up from his seat.* This is Staff Sergeant Nathan Lennox, of the United States Army! We have people here, a nice settlement we've been helping with. We're working close with the British Armed Forces trying to find any NATO units left. May I ask who you are with? *Nathan moves the radio away and begins walking towards the rocks with the beautiful view of the forest.*
  6. (You can also visit this same post at http://steamcommunity.com/app/41700/discussions/0/528398719790783019/ however I wanted to ask the smartest community I know... Kinda lol... That and broaden the audience on this one) Okay, so I know the lyrics, I've learned (nearly) the song on guitar, etc. etc. But when you hear these lyrics from 0:53 to 1:13 in Russian, and try to speak them in English... Well, it doesn't work out. So, I absolutely love this song to death, it's so nostalgic and melancholy but happy as well, I don't know, it just represents a lot to me and I friggin' like and I want to sing it, but... It's crazy to try to sing these lyrics to the tune. So, I'll post the lyrics, then the song and the timespan we're targeting, listen to it a little bit, then try to transform the lyrics into something that sounds right and stays true to the original lyrics. Trust me, we're going to need some Einsteins, Stalins, and Beethovens all in one mix for this one. "Opening the fragments of dreams suddenly we recalled what once used to be. A shadow of mistake comes from children´s tears. Live To Forget!" That last piece is actually "We live with it!" However, the first sounds better and the name of the song is "Live To Forget" so I'm changing that by default haha! 0:52 to 1:14 (Easier as 0:53 to 1:13 the first is just the absolute complete section) [video=youtube] P.S. Shoutout to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans around! S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Release 2020 basically confimed!
  7. NathanLennox

    132.65Hz - Messages from the Capitol

    *You can hear a few dying crackles of gunfire in the background as Luka speaks - his tone somewhat tired, yet steeled with resolve* 'Im sorry to disappoint you Staff Sergeant, but we won't be 're-emerging' in South Zagoria for an indefinite amount of time, save for a handful of scouts - and nor are we in any condition to move there if we wanted to - like I said earlier, we have barely functional vehicles here, and if much rather keep them running for as long as possible - rather than risk them on the road. I would much like to converse with your current Commanding Officer, swap intel on what's going on in the opposite ends of the country, and any other non-military, mutually beneficial agreements we could have. I'm just glad the CDF's not alone in this fight. Kratochvil Out.' *Drifter lifts the microphone to his mouth as he stands from the fire* Understand, I'll let him know as soon as I see him. It's... Ahhh... It's good to see you folks again, bud. *Nathan places the microphone in his vest and begins kicking out the fire*
  8. NathanLennox

    132.65Hz - Messages from the Capitol

    *Nathan lifts the microphone on the old radio he found barely working near the hunting cabin in the swampy Balota shore.* *Pshhhh*-ello?... This is Sta-*Pshhh* Serge-*Pshhh*... Damn i-*Pshhh followed by bizarre tuning noises* Hello? Finally... My name is Staff Sergeant Nathan Lennox of the United States Army. I'm glad to hear you guys are still up, for awhile it was just us versus every Commie sympathizer in apocalyptic Eastern Europe... Thankfully, the Volki seem to know how to kick ass and take names because from what I've heard they've put a beat down on the Chedickis and Ruskies. Anyways, I'll keep this short, basically we were y'alls friends during Operation Harvest Red and nothings changed since then. Us being invaders and baby killers was a bad myth in the old world, nothing was ever concrete about it, it was a myth then and it's just a myth now. We could really use y'alls help and a friendship works both ways if you guys ever reappear in South Zagoria. For the Volki and Dveri, we've no problem with you, we understand very clearly that we are guests on your lands and that we have no authority of you or your people, honestly, I think we'd prefer to be on your side rather than against you. We are friends of the true Chernarussians, just understand that... *Nathan sighs as he drops the microphone and rests his face in his hands*
  9. Not on a major scale of course, like I said it's all in the details haha
  10. Haha this sounds like a good alternative. Yeah I understand this, I guess "Rasputin Kvas" could be rped as a fictional variant with a higher alcohol content than normal Kvass anyways. Yeah but for me it just seemed unrealistic and immersion breaking. Its all about the little things haha
  11. I know it makes for good rp, but how many people think Rasputin Kvas is actually an alcoholic beverage? It does have a very small amount of alcohol but Russians/Ukrainians do not consider it an alcoholic beverage. Devs are adding smokes (badass) and pot (makes sense referencing Stalker fans) so I'm sure alcohol will come in at some point but for now maybe we should just stick to text drinking? Actually, a bartender could rp a little mix in of alcohol tincture and kvass wink wink haha!
  12. *Nathan rises from the table, picks the radio up from next to the half empty can of peaches and begans pacing in the small living room* You think I want this? I've tried time and time again to approach you people with neutrality over the airwaves, every time I'm responded to with mockery and insults! You think I take pleasure in constantly fighting a battle like this? A lone hound against a pack of wolves... If you promote the peace and passiveness you talk about, then drop your arrogant, offended, and aggressive attitude and try to meet people halfway. The dead have arisen to slaughter us. After all of this you people continue on and on, fueling the fire. You see what this chat has become? And I all I asked for was a fuckin' name... *Nathan let's his arm fall beside him as he drops his face into his open glove*