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  1. I am a Former U.S. Marine-turned-stoner. I served in the final defense against the outbreak in Chernarus along with my battalion: The Chemical Biological Intelligence Response Force (CBIRF). I Went AWOL--left all my brothers for dead after fleeing for Livonia. Lived in Arkansas and had a loving family of 3 brothers and my 2 parents; though I was still waiting to find that special someone to add to the family. I was also an aspiring artist. And a good one too! However, I never was able to manage my money like I did my art (Hence my enlisting in the U.S. Marine Core). Despite everything having to be put on hold, I was happy to be in the Marines. It gave me inspiration for my art. All the blood, gunshots, burning people, dead friends, and shrieking that goes through my brain--it really did a number on my style of art. On top of that, I had a purpose. A purpose that, unbeknownst to me, would end me up stranded and alone in this world. Growing up, I never really enjoyed anything. I jumped from hobby to hobby, favorite subject to favorite subject and so forth. Everyone thought I was a slacker for it. However, I knew one day I would show them what a “slacker” could really do--though they never got to live to see that day, but I did, haha. But, like I said, art turned out to be the one true thing I enjoyed. I even won a few art contests. It’s almost as if it happened yesterday. The art I drew was magnificent--a true masterpiece. It won me first place in a hentai art competition on reddit!!! Pardon the self-indulgent attitude--it really was a masterpiece. After that, I ended up making profit off of my drawings, allowing me to become an artist as a profession. Although--as I said in the beginning- this little punk was never good at saving his money. Eventually, my business fell through due to my dependence on pomegranates. Luckily, Mom was there with open arms, so I went and lived with her until I got back on my feet. Getting back on my feet, however, proved to be a very hard task. I was devouring pomegranates as if they were going extinct. The bursting juiciness of those berries that lie behind the protection of their beautiful and caring shell. Mmmmm, how I could go for a pomegranate now… Anyways, life was pretty tough at this point. With their being no other choice, I enlisted in the Marines and worked my way up to a decent position in the CBIRF battalion. Yessiry--the pomegranate phase was finally behind me… for the most part. Everything was fine and dandy in the marines. There was a nice girl that I was getting to know, used to go to my high school. And man, did she have the wildest bosom or what!? I’ll tell yah--those things are the best pair of pomegranates I ever laid eyes on. Things were going steady with her and me. We’d gone on a few dates and were planning to move in together. Unfortunately, something happened to her that changed her ever since. She was coming home one day, when suddenly, a giant wrecking ball from a construction crane came loose and fell right on her car at just the goddamn perfect time. Life was never the same without her… Giving my all to the military was my best shot at living a happy life.
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