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  1. Oliver was born in Virginia, USA in 1997. He grew up in a small town in southwest VA. He had two good parents that had good jobs and loved him very much. He grew up being just okay in school. Growing up in rural Virginia he learned all kinds of skills from changing the oil in your car, shooting a gun, hunting etc. He graduated high school and got a job A.S.A.P. He worked for a factory making crates for 3 years. He met a guy there by the name of Joey and they became close. Joey's family was quite wealthy but still wanted him to work some for discipline. They played video games together, hunt and work on their cars too. One day Joey asked Oliver if he wanted to go on a hunting trip with him to Europe. His plane ticket was covered and everything. Oliver accepted his offer, they were off to Livonia...
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  3. Blake was born in Chernarus but moved to America not long after. He grew up in northern California where he worked on a farm with his father. He learned all kind of skills from him. He had a girlfriend for 3 years but then they broke up. He focused on work even more then. He learned how to shoot guns and survival skills from living off the grid. He worked on the farm from the age of 6 to now. His family decided to go back to Chernarus to visit family. But not shortly after they arrived the outbreak happened.
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