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  1. Max Raynott, was born April 27th, 1989 in Chernarus. His father worked in a quarry many hours a day while his mother stayed home as she needed to watch Max. His father decided to use any money that they had to move to America to look for a better life. Max was only 2 years old when they moved. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, he did fairly well in school. He loved the outdoors and the idea of adventure. He was only inside for dinner and sleeping. Max and his family would go camping every chance they got. He learned of survival and many other skills. His father gave him a knife one day. He would practice with it any chance that he had.. He did fairly good in school, good enough to pass anyways. At the age of 15 his mother passed away due to breast cancer. Max was shaken by this badly, as he loved his mother very much... 3 years pass and Max got a gob at a local warehouse, loading trucks. He worked there for a few years before becoming manager! His hard work had payed off... But in a twist of events his father was killed in a car crash only 1 month later, by a drunk driver. Now alone he was shaken to the core. Having to sell the family house and get an apartment to himself he became lonely and depressed. He got in touch with his Uncle in Chernarus and asked if he could come home to them. His Uncle would be happy if he came back... So he did. He took his savings and moved back to Chernarus. When he returned word spread of a virus spreading was everywhere. While on a bus going through a town near his Unlcle's house, the virus had made it to that town. Only few were immune, others turned undead. Making it out of the bus he rushed to his Uncle's where the area was already evacuated. Everyone was gone. With his Uncle gone, he was alone again. He is still looking for his Uncle to this day.
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