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  1. Hey everyone! New to the RP world and I am having so much fun now. Hope to be able to interact with some of you at some point! Have a great day!
  2. It was in the beginning of spring when things in Barcelona began to calm down allowing me to have some much deserved vacation time. Seeming as I did not have any family that I could visit I decided to plan a hunting and fishing trip. I really wanted to disconnect myself from the busy world I have been working in all these months. So I decided the best option was to organize the trip with a friend who works in the translation department at the consulate named Brian. Brian and I decided the best option would be to head out towards Eastern Europe. It was a short plane ride from Barcelona to Chernarus. We arrived to a small airfield in Eastern Chernarus that was surrounded by small villages and farms. It was the most beautiful settings that I have ever laid my eyes on. I grew up and have always worked in the city. Brian and I had rented a small cabin in the town of Solnichniy which granted us access to many different lakes and ponds for fishing, and many other game trails combined with amazing hunting stand and blinds. We spent our first day exploring Solnichniy and speaking with the locals. A couple of boys, which seemed to be in there young twenties, recommended my friend and I to take a cruise on a boat which started in the city of Svetlojarsk and would take as all along the coast and drop us off in Chernogorsk. They informed us there was a lot of night life such as bars and other places to make friends and possibly take a girl home. So we decided to take there advice, and on the second night of our stay in Chernarus we took the ferry down the coast. Well the night was absolutely what you might expect. Brian and I definitely made friends last night. And let me tell you, Eastern European women are as friendly and beautiful as the movies tell us. We ended up renting two rooms that night if you know what I am getting at. I woke up the next morning two the sound of my friend screaming and banging on my hotel room´s door. I was quite confused. Especially to find out that the "friend" I had made the night before had left before I woke up, and also managed to take my wallet with her. I quickly threw my pants and shirt on and grabbed my shoes. I opened the door to absolute chaos. Brian grabbed me and looked me dead in the and said we had to leave immediately. I could tell by the look on his face that he was not fucking around. I quickly noticed people running around and running away from people who were screaming. I quickly realized what was going on. Even though I could not believe it with my own eyes, it was true. After seeing military personnel and doctors running away from the same screaming people, i knew that there had to be some sort of medical emergency. An outbreak of some sort. Brian again grabbed me, this time shaking me violently saying, we need to leave now Elias. We started to make a run for the dock where the ferry had dropped us off the night before. And of coarse, the ferry was not there. Our only option was a small row boat. Brian and I didn`t hesitate to grab the oars and make our way from the dock. We had been in the boat ,for what seemed like 2 minutes, when hands from the water started to grab the edge of the boat. Stupid me thought it was people in need of help. I quickly grabbed the arm of, what seemed like a helpless woman. But within seconds, I found out she had something wrong with her. It was the look in her eyes. I did not see fear or any emotion. She had the look of death. I tried t release her from my grip but was unable. She pulled me into the water where I found more people with the same look on there faces. That pale look of none existence in their eyes. I was quickly swimming for my life when the started pulling me underneath the water. I remember seeing Brian`s hand reaching for mine while i was underneath the water. I remember the feeling of falling asleep as I was dragged further beneath the water, hearing Brian´s muffled screams to grab his hand. That is the last thing I remember before waking up on the shore, wearing only the clothes that I left the hotel room in. I am quite scared and unsure of what to do. All I know is, I must find Brian, and get the fuck out of here. But what will I find?
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