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  1. Kay Freedom is Her name. They had a other one at some point before the outbreak. But after everything happened and losing mostly everything. She felt like She needed a fully new start. So she named herself Kay as it was easy for everyone to say. Freedom become the last name as its important to her. As thats all she had left after the outbreak. She grew up in Dytiatky a small town not far from Chornobyl. She Worked at the Dytiatky checkpoint. Working at the checkpoint She learned lots of useful skills. One of those skills becoming how to deal with unruly people. She was born after Chornobyl popped off. But being born so close to the melt down she still felt it growing up. She thought that Chornobyl was the worst thing that could ever happen, But She was wrong. Her early life was on her families farm working and learning to live. Just like with her job She learned alot like how to skin a animal or use a rifle. Most importantly She learned how to preserve food. This said She knows how to live in a time like this. But now after the breakout and the town Dytiatky getting overrun like the rest of Ukraine. She made it out of there, And has be working her way down the Dnieper river into Chernarus. Now that She is here She is here to live and help others as she is free to.
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