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  1. Colt Bannon: American Ex Gun Runner On presumably his last run before retiring to a comfy life with his family he sat waiting for his contact on the last train into Livonia. He checked his watch and looked down the hall but no one was around. He sat back down and wondered what could be holding Ivan from there meeting. Shortly he heard a clambering from the front of the train car. Colt leaned out of his cabin to see what was going on to see Ivan banging furiously on the door. Colt then ran to his aid but was too late. Ivan was torn from the door by a very disheveled and aggravated young train attendant. Ivan lost his footing and fell from the train. The attendant then turned towards Colt and ran at the door as if it were not even there at all. Smashing her head she began to bleed and her face was wrought with anger. Colt shuttered and stepped back only to hear groaning just feet behind him. He turned to see that many of the others had exited their cabins as well, but they did not look well. With the same demeanor as the young attendant they then rushed him. Leaping into his cabin he reached for the special order 1911 pistol he was supposed to be delivering. He then slammed a clip in and started firing. One after another the bodies piled up in the doorway. Six bodies lay in front of him as he empties the clip into anything moving in the pile. Colt then turned to the window to see the beauty that is Livonia. He closed his eyes for a second just before using the pistol to break the window and leap from the train and into the eerily calm countryside. After waking, sore from the tumble, Colt now must find a way back home to his family. Much time has past and the world around him continued to crumble. Transportation halted and communication all but forgotten, his only hope is that his family is still safe in all of this. Livonia is his home now and he must find his way in this new world.
  2. I've played since it was originally for sale on Steam many years ago. I've almost always played alone and my playstyle shows it. Is there any tips for someone wanting to play RP but has trouble trusting other players?
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