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  1. Artyom Nevsky was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine and is a merchant seaman working on large cargo ships transporting goods around the world. For the last 10 years of his life that is what he has done going from port to port, only going home for a month or two before going off again for the rest of the year. While the ship he was working on was making some stops in the Green Sea, everyone's was on edge about the possibility of another war between Russia and Chernarus and wanted to get out of the area quickly. As the days went on they were starting to see very strange new reports and it seemed like things has gone from bad to worse. They did their best to stay out of Chernarussian waters but on July 21st a deadly storm hit them and they were forced to make an emergency landing on the coast of Chernarus in the middle of the night. When they made the landing the ship was damaged beyond what they could repair and sent multiple distress signals out. They were very confused when no local authorities came for them, and running out of food and water they decided they needed to travel to the nearest town and get some help. Artyom went north to Svetlojarsk with some of the other sailors and found out just how bad the situation was in Chernarus. All hell had broken loose with infected people overrunning cities and the military bombing the nation, nobody knew what to do. When they got to the city and tried to explain their situation a few panicked people even started to blame them for bringing the disease to Chernarus with some international cargo on the ship. The situation started to get very hostile and the sailors realized they needed to leave while they still could. When they got back to the ship the gravity of the situation dawned of them. Artyom and most of the other decided that it was best for them to split up and head out, and not tell anyone else that they were from the shipwreck. Some decided to stay back on the ship. Artyom now with a few good friends he made on the ship headed south to try to get to civilization and survive long enough to maybe get out of this place.
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