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  1. He is twenty four years old, five foot ten and is eighty five kilograms. He has a stocky build. Has short chestnut brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is from County Clare in Ireland and can speak english and irish. He likes like to do outdoor activities such camping, fishing, hunting and hiking. He was trained to use a variety of weapons but is most comfortable using rifles and sidearms. He is also a pretty good boxer and has trained in jiu jitsu for a few years brfore the outbreak. He has also done a trip overseas to Syria with the army. He can come off very withdrawn and borderline paranoid to strangers as he doesn't like to talk much but prefers to listen to conversations and absorb informantion because in his head he thinks that gives him a small advantage which for some reason keeps him calm. He used to smoke but if he finds cigarettes he will probably smoke them because they remind him of home. He does like to drink but not in a harmful way just more in a social setting with other survivors.l
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