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  1. Are players allowed to raid your base without any prior communication or role play??
  2. Bobby Chompers has been on the run, long before he was running through the woods. As a prisoner he watched the zombie apocalypse unfold on the news. Many of the prisoners felt hopeless, like they had no chance of surviving under the watch of people that wished to be home protecting their families. Tensions were running high in the prison and when the Officers began fleeing for their own livelihood the prisoners overthrew the facility. At first the prisoners had a good set-up in their self-ran compound, or so they thought. After a couple months supplies began to run low and tensions rose again. Bobby decided that if he stayed put with his fellow "prisoners" he may not survive too long. On a night when the moon lit the sky, Bobby made his move. He didn't think anyone would try to stop him if they saw him leave but he didn't want to cause a disturbance. armed with an Officer's shotgun a kitchen knife and a can of peaches, Chompers began a long 20km hike south to the nearest known populated town. Novodmitrovsk, a small town within the territory of Chernarus. This would be the first place with human life that he has seen since his escape from the prison last week. Now Bobby hopes he can start his new life with new people, and leave his old life in the past.
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