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  1. The character i would like to role play would be named Sasamba Wright. Sasamba comes from Montreal, Quebec. Before the outbreak, Sasamba was enlisted in the Canadian military training to become apart of the Joint Task Force 2. The military had Sasamba sent out to Chernarus to finish up his training just before the outbreak. When the outbreak was staring up, Sasamba and his fellow soldiers were not getting much information. They had to figure out most of the information from news sources back home. The information presented in the Canadian press wasnt enough to keep up with the ever growing impact of the outbreak. The lack of information caused all communications to crumble, leaving Sasamba and his task force in the dark. In the aftermath of the outbreak, all of Sasambas soldiers turned on eachother in search for power within the group. Fights broke out and members ultimately tried to make it on their own but ended up being taken by the dead. Sasamba became the only living member of the task force in Chernarus and started alone in the new world. Sasamba had tried to find ways back to his home country but did not succeed. He decided to try and restart his life in Chernarus with the skills he had been trained with. He had heard of rumors that there was scientists remaining on the island and set out to find and assist them on finding a cure for the disease.
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