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  1. "Limmy Yanovich" is a 22 year-old male from Chernarus but has lived the majority of his life in America. He was sent and adopted to an American family after his biological family had gotten into financial trouble and no longer had a way of supporting him. To get the necessary funds to help send him from Chernarus to America they enlisted for a programme in the military that requested civilian volunteers. Limmy got to America and were put in a middle class family. He lived like normal American kid and went to school and college. One day after he got home from school he saw on the news that there had been a bombing on a military base in Chernarus. He knew it was close to where he had lived before he was adopted. He convinced his family that he had to find his biological parents and set off to the airport to fly to Chernarus. He flew privately and when they were above Chernarus airspace the military forced the plane to land on the North West Airfield. Limmy was held up and robbed of all his belonings and then forced to help volunteers with fighting the outbreak. While working with the volunteers he was simultaneously looking for any signs of his parents. While sleeping in a camp they had set up for the night the camp got attacked by infected. While fighting them off Limmy saw his parents had been infected and shot during the attack.He took some necessary supplies and escaped from the camp into the wilderness. He is now stuck in Chernarus without a passport and the country being in lockdown he is now forced to survive in the wilderness.
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