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  1. Stas Mashkovski was born at the year of 1970 at Moscow, Russia. He was born to a family with widowed mother and father that died in World War 2, he had 2 older brothers that was abusing him. At the age of 15 a group of chernorussian theives broke into his house and a fight started between the older brothers and the robbers and at the end only he survived both his mother and brothers got killed. After a week he was sent to a military boarding school, where he found his first and last love Angela, she been his girl friend for two years but then at the age of 17 he got into brawl with another boy at the boarding school because the boy mocked his girlfriend Angela and it has become more and more serius from moment to moment until one of the guys watching the fight trying to protect his friend that got bit baddly from Stas pulled knife from his jacket and threatend Stas, Stas took it serius and seen it as a danger to his life so he jumped onto him took his knife and stabed him at the neck. He was sentenced to 55 years at prison accused by killing, the only person who cared and met him everyday was Angela because she belived he can be a good person. After 8 years at prison he got an offer from the russian government to clear his years at prison offerd him to join the secret service organization and he accepted. He got married with Angela, Had with her 2 daughters and worked for 23 years for the russian government as an assassin. At the May of 2017 he was sent to ukarine to accomplish assassination mission but when the task was completed the plague broke and everything collapsed he flown back to moscow and found both his daughters and wife Angela dead, he lost hope that day and mostly lost his mind. He decided to go to chernaus and avenege his mother and brothers.
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