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  1. Jaden Wilson was a High School Gym Coach who was traveling with his basketball team Chernarus for a global championship. When the apocalypse started, he tried to reach his kids in time, however upon finding them, it was too late. The apocalypse is hurting his mental capacity, just like all the other survivors. He has come through, and went through groups, as he doesn't quite fit in with them, being scared from the start. He hasn't had a chance to cope with the event that took place at the start, so it is something in which is still haunting him. He's a good soul at heart, a hard worker, a great shot from his childhood as a son of a hunter, he got keen with a rifle. His goal in the end is to just find a place to make refuge, with possibly other good people, alone if he must, farm, and live out his life. Though that is hard in a land of bandits, wanderers, and the undead. Though he has trust in humanity, he believes that it has failed. Humanity being a lost idea, a lost hope that doesn't seem to be coming again. But he still strives to make that a reality, as a world without humanity, isn't a world at all.
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